Fun With Kids In Boone, NC: The Children's Playhouse

Last weekend we were planning to be in Boone, but the weather wasn't looking awesome. Rain was in the forecast off and on all weekend (wouldn't you know that it ended up being pretty sunny almost the entire time!). 

So, what to do with a 2 year old who doesn't love to sit still?! I was so excited when someone in a mom's group I'm in mentioned The Children's Playhouse. I had NO idea this place existed, and I got so excited when I read more about them on their Facebook page.

We had such an awesome time during our visit there, and I snapped a few photos so that I could pass this idea along to anyone else looking for something awesome to do in Boone. We paid $5/person for entry (Charlotte was free since she's so eensy) and for $15, this was the best money we spent by far this weekend. 

Upon entering the Playhouse, you'll see that there are lots of different stations available to the kids. A sign on the wall encourages parents to help their child clean up each station before moving on to the next. We started with the station below, using markers and paints to make a coffee filter sun catcher. There's a sink nearby with washcloths for drying hands (very eco-friendly) and the paints are all washable and non-toxic. There is a drying rack near this station so that masterpieces can dry before coming home. 

I was so impressed by all of the art supplies they had available for the children. All colors of construction paper and huge rolls of black and white butcher's paper. Scissors, glue, felt, markers, colored pencils, magazine scraps for collages, yarn ... I mean, you name it and it was there. Two entire bookshelves full!

In this same area, there is an area for blocks, a play-doh table, a sand table, and an entrance to an outdoors play area. They even have sunblock and bug spray right at the door for anyone going outside to play!

If you go down a few stairs, you'll find a music area, a train table, a food market, lots of books ... the list goes on and on. There are also shelves up high with books for parents about all sorts of parenting topics. They even have coffee and tea available for the adults so you can relax while watching your child play!

There are more steps that lead to the lower level -- complete with an adult-height handrail on the right and a little child-sized handrail on the left -- and this is the physical activity area. A rock climbing wall, a ball pit, lots of great options down here. 

Right around this time, Ian and I were chatting with a mother there and we were saying that we would probably have to drag Camille kicking and screaming out of the playhouse ... but it was nearing lunchtime! She gave us a great insider tip -- they have handstamps at the front desk for kiddos to get before leaving. Done. It's amazing how well this works ... "It's time to go Camille, but we can get a handstamp before we leave!"

The Children's Playhouse is near downtown Boone, so it was easy to pop over there after leaving so we could stroll around, get a piece of candy from Mast General Store, and pick up some lunch to take home. 

We are going to look into getting a membership here for future trips up to the mountains. If I'm remembering correctly, a year membership is around $100 -- and a large portion of that is tax-deductible. It was such a wonderful way for us to spend the greater part of the morning, and I just love this playhouse concept!

400 Tracy Circle 
Boone, NC 
(828) 263-0011


  1. You weren't kidding; this place looks awesome! I definitely want to make a trip there next time we're up in the mountains Thanks for sharing!

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