Shopping Online (INEXPENSIVELY) For Clothes

I used to love buying clothes for myself, and now it's literally once in a blue moon that I buy something that does not have "2T" or "NB" on the size tag. It's a lot of fun spending the money I make from The Tipsy Bunny on cute outfits for the girls. Me? I could probably use a closet overhaul.

Due to a few factors -- mainly TIME, but also watching my spending now that I'm a stay at home mom -- it's just not in the cards to pop from boutique to boutique to check out the latest trends. I've always been a sale shopper and I appreciate the thrill of the hunt. Online shopping is so convenient, and it's easy to wait for a great sale to pop up at some of my favorite stores, like Old Navy. I usually just open a new browser tab and visit to see what sort of coupon codes are available.

I've recently been really interested in placing my first order with ThredUp. Has anyone here ever used this website to purchase clothes? Here are some examples of items I've loved on the site.

$57 (original price $285)

$60 (original price $228)

$38 (original price $220)

Hunter Dixon top
$22 (original price $149)

They even have accessories and kids clothes. If you have personal experience with using ThredUp, I would love to hear from you! The links I've included here and THIS one are referral links that will give you (as a new customer) $10 off of your first order. So, yeah, that top above would be $12 -- for something that originally cost $149, not too shabby! Now THAT is the way I like to shop.


  1. I've bought from ThredUp a few times, and had great experiences! The clothing was all exactly as described, and the process of returning an item that didn't work out was very easy, as well!

  2. I've really soured on them lately. Shopping is fine, if you don't mind really slow shipping, but for selling clothes there they have really tanked as of late. So then I'm not as inclined to buy.

  3. I have sold to thredup and bought from them! Buying is great if you can find the right piece for you! I got some great maternity items from them when I was pregnant with T. And I used to love selling to them, but they recently changed their payout guidelines and you get VERY little now. Last time they kept 13 items from me and I only got back $9.50. Now, granted, a lot was low end stuff, like some Liz Lange maternity items and Old Navy, but still. That works out to less than $1 an item. At that point I'd rather donate it to a local clothing drive. Just my 2 cents!

    1. I agree! The payout is not worth it anymore.

  4. I absolutely love that Hunter Dixon top! I think it would look gorgeous on you! :)

  5. I love ThredUp! I got a gorgeous dress for a wedding for next month and can't wait to start looking for more outfits!

  6. I use ThreadUp for lots of Madeline's clothes. I found it while I was pregnant and absolutely despised purchasing any maternity clothing whatsoever so I haven't used it for myself yet but I have been very happy with everything I've purchased for her off of there!

  7. I love buying from ThredUp, especially for maternity clothes. I was thinking about selling some of my maternity stuff to them, but based on the previous responses I might run over to Clothes Mentor instead.

  8. I have not ordered from ThredUp yet, but I will definitely be checking out your affiliate links and looking for some new things! I rarely get out to do a lot of shopping, so online is my best option. I'm also going to be checking out your website!

  9. I am totally going to check out ThredUP! My go to online stores are Old Navy, ASOS, and Forever 21!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

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  13. I totally agree, recently I did a Spring cleaning and got rid of everything I hadn't worn recently. Still plan to get rid of more stuff though in the next couple of months. No point in a full wardrobe if I only wear a fraction of the clothes :)

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  14. I totally agree with you that online sales has really made its easier for us to buy to buy branded items at cheap prices, specially the clothes.
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