Been Shoppin' At The Walmart

Move over, fashion bloggers. I'm here to share the amazing fashion finds that I recently snagged at THE WALMART.

Look, it may not be as glamorous as a Neiman Marcus shopping experience, but the draw for me here is 1) cheap cheap cheap, 2) not going to cry if it gets spit-up on it, 3) probably nothing in Walmart is dry clean only, and 4) I can pick these items up at the same time as I'm getting diaper rash cream and tin foil.

So, now that I've got you on the edge of your seat about my Walmart finds, here we go. And these items are actually pretty darn great.

Hot weather is officially here in the Carolinas. We've been spending great time outdoors, whether it's in our backyard or at the park. My yoga pants still maintain a special place in my heart, but I need shorts for the heat. These awesome shorts have a mesh layer over a "compression" layer. I put that last part in quotes because, while they do sit flush to my thighs, I wouldn't say that they are tight enough to be compressing anything.

BUT, the reason why they are a win in my book is that I can PLAY with Camille without worrying about my shorts exposing too much fanny. I take her to My Gym class where we do activities together ... one part of the class has her sitting on my lap and then we rock back together and then rock back up to a sitting position. I haven't been comfortable doing that in regular running shorts because it's just -- not pretty. These shorts will be perfect for that class.

I picked these up in the gray/neon yellow combo but now want another pair, either the black/pink combo or black/gray. I went with a size small and they fit me well (I'm 5'2").

Avia Women's Performance Running Shorts with Built-In Compression Shorts
Running shorts with built-in compression shorts (HERE)

I mentioned in my Five On Friday post how much I was loving the crochet waist shorts that are only $7.88 ... they are in the juniors section. I picked up a second pair yesterday -- black and white. Love 'em. Will look so cute with a colorful tee and metallic sandals. Not a lot of sizes remain at all online, so you may need to pick these up in store.

Crochet waist shorts (HERE)

I am not yet comfortable wearing a normal bikini top -- I'm two months postpartum, so tankinis and one-pieces will be my go-to for the summer. I have some black bikini bottoms already, so I picked up this tiered ruffle tankini top yesterday to pair with them. It actually looks really nice with the metal rectangular beads on the front ties. It comes in other great colors like coral and baby blue.

Catalina Women's Solid Triple Tier
Ruffle tankini top (HERE)

A tip I learned from my blogging friend Justine is to order at least $50 of items from to earn free shipping (big household items are a great idea, like your mega pack of toilet paper -- because who wants to walk around the store with that beast?) and then you can try on in the comfort of your own home and return anything that doesn't fit to the store. 

Anna Wintour, eat your heart out. I'm coming to get ya in my Walmart shorts. 


  1. There's a blog called Whoa, wait. Walmart? They find all the good buys especially in clothes and household stuff. You should definitely check it out!

  2. You know I love my Walmart finds! I ordered the shorts you have pictured and have gotten two great post partum tankinis to wear this summer!! I saw those running shorts when I was there yesterday...and now I am wishing I picked up a pair!!

  3. Need to hit up our neighborhood Walmart just for those print shorts !!!! Thanks for the ideas I never venture to the clothes at Walmart just try to get in and out as quick as possible haha

  4. Those are some cute finds! I haven't been to WalMart in ages, but looks like I might need to make a trip soon!

  5. this is glorious!

  6. Love this post! Thanks for keeping it real. Those are great finds!

  7. This is THE. BEST! I love that you call it THE WALMART too....that's the slogan the ladies in my family use!

  8. Love those crochet shorts and the tankini top! I've never been a big fan of regular bikini tops, so this one is PERFECT for me!

  9. Ok, I can never figure out how to comment with anything other than "unknown," but I wanted to say that I bought the crochet shorts this past weekend! I never would have thought to look at Walmart, but they're super cute and comfortable. Wish they had my size in more colors. Thanks so much for the reco!

  10. Love this post! I have been hitting up the Walmart over Target for a lot of basics lately, and found some great chino shorts for $12 in the spring! Definitely helps justify a more expensive blouse :)

  11. These are all cute - I was running in to Wal-Mart with my 14 year old for some last minute camp supplies and really want to swing through the athletic/swimsuits, but alas he was not interested! Ha! I'll have to go back with my daughter - that will work better!

  12. I want to warn you about, be very careful when you shop there and always check your bank after you shop.
    I had purchased Christmas gifts online and then forgot that I had an account there.
    Last month I begin to receive email's from them about big ticket items I had purchased.
    I checked my account and nearly $400 had been taken out which luckily sent me into overdraft and put a hold on my account.
    I didn't lose any money because the money wasn't there to take out but it was a nightmare to close out my account with Walmart and change my card and go to the police and my bank.
    I refuse to shop with anymore.
    I have no problem, so far, with going into Walmart but I won't shop online.
    It may have been just a one time thing but one time was enough for me.

  13. You are hilarious April! Thanks for the "tips"! xoxo

  14. I bought three pairs of those crochet shorts last week! They are to die for and they're only $7.88!! Unbelievable.

  15. I have that first pair of shorts and love them! I just used them this weekend for a swimsuit bottom and was really happy!

  16. Love this post! You crack me up. But listen, there are definitely some deals to be found at the Walmart, lol. The NOBO (I think it's No Boundaries?) brand has some of what have turned out to be my favorite t-shirts for just $2.87! They come in a rainbow of colors, have a longer fit, which I like while chasing a toddler all over the place, and have held up well in the wash. And incidentally, they look great with athletic shorts:) I would recommend sizing up one size in them as they are juniors and do run pretty small. Anyways, thanks for sharing your finds! Will be keeping an eye out for those crochet shorts next time I'm there:)

  17. See, cute stuff can be found at The Walmart! I've found some cute things as well & for cheap & I will not complain one bit about that! :)

    Great post.

  18. Yes, I just ordered the Suddenly swim suit because of the crazy amount of reviews & the price $20:

  19. Great post! I buy t-shirts, both long and short sleeve here all the time because of the price, and I can wear them and get them dirty without worrying!

  20. A girl I knew in college was (is!) GORGEOUS and always dressed on point for every occasion - well you can imagine my surprise when she said 70% of her wardrobe came from WALMART (and this was at least 10 years ago)!!! She said the trick was to go right after they stocked their clothes weekly and pick out the good stuff!

  21. Walmart service are best also product quality. I just put in my first order to pick up tomorrow. I've never used a service like this before. Do you know if tipping is customary and if so, what would you tip for a service like this?


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