Storytime Lessons and an Easy Lamb Craft

We've attended library storytime here in the mountains of Boone twice now during our half-month stay. It is SO cute. I love our library storytime in Charlotte, but if these two events went up head-to-head, I would have to give the gold medal to Boone!

Like our storytimes in Charlotte, the ones here are all centered around a common theme. BUT, two major plusses for Boone's library storytime: 1) There is a designated kids area with ampitheater-type seating for the kids and parents, and 2) There is an all-ages-appropriate craft that follows each storytime!

(I just thought of a third reason ... the storytime here is a lot more casual. In Charlotte, you have to get a ticket and show up right on time or else they close the door and you may get the stink eye upon entering. Or, you may actually get turned away! The library here is just a lot more "come as you are, come when you can" so you can float in and out of storytime as you please.)

So, last week's books and craft were centered around sheep, and the craft was so easy that I thought I'd share it here!

You will need three items only:
+ A white paper plate
+ A glue stick
+ Cotton balls

Cut the center out of the paper plate. Use that center part (or other white or light pink paper) to cut out the shape of two ears -- rounded triangles. Your child will glue the ears to the paper plate "donut" and then glue cotton balls all around. Done!

The books we read for the sheep themed storytime were so cute. The fan favorite that day (for kids and parents alike) was Sheep In A Jeep. If you want to mimic this storytime and craft, you could check out a few sheep books from the library, or Amazon them to your doorstep, and set aside about 45 minutes to read a few books, talk about sheep sounds and where they live, and make a craft. 

All of these books below are board books (my favorite), available on Prime, and less than $7. 

Board Books with Lambs

Sheep In A Jeep (Amazon link) // Blah Blah Black Sheep (Amazon link)
Where Is The Green Sheep? (Amazon link) // Little Lamb (Amazon link)
Little Lamb: Finger Puppet Book (Amazon link) // Time For Bed (Amazon link)

As a stay-at-home-mom, I'm always trying to come up with ways to have fun with the girls but in a structured, educational way as well. A themed story time at home and craft is such an easy way to accomplish this -- you could choose one theme a week, jot it down on your calendar, and use that as a guide. Boats, colors, jungle animals, cars and trucks, snow, balls, cooking in the kitchen ... there are so many themes you could cover!

And one last takeaway that the librarian stressed yesterday that I thought was SO smart and important. She encouraged us parents to follow the words in the book with our finger while we read it. That way, it is teaching children that words have meaning and that those funny black characters they see on the page are associated with parts of the story they are hearing!

Baaa-baaaaa-brilliant. :) 


  1. She is adorable! Glad you found some fun things to do while you wait on the house!

  2. aww such a cute craft!!! and i am aaaaaall in favor of casual story time! a ticket?! taylor swift better be reading the story! haha!

  3. Boone love forever and ever!

  4. So cute! I love the idea of doing a craft with the book. I'll have to file this away, for when we are ready for craft time!


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