The Lilly Sale & 6PM

So the big Lilly sale started this morning, and a girlfriend alerted several of us via group text about another great sale on Lilly on In addition to free shipping and returns (!!!), you can score an additional 10% off the really low sale prices using code BESTPICKS.

Just a sampling of some of the awesome finds on

Most everything is under $100 with a ton of it being $30-50ish range! So, go forth and Lillify yourself!

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  1. The deals on 6pm are really good (Lilly is amazon's deal of the day too)! I have that first dress and bought it because it will be good for nursing! I always miss wearing dresses when I have a nursling.

    1. The sale offers by any brands it is a good deal to the founds of branded clothes. I must use fresh Herrschners Coupon in the winter period, and accepting the Christmas offers.

  2. What a great deal! Thanks for sharing!

  3. soooo cute, these things!!! always love lilly colors!!

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