Went a Wee Bit Crazy on Zulily Last Night

Two truths I cannot deny:
1) I love dreaming of decor for the new house, and
2) I can't resist matching outfits for the girls.

And that is how Zulily got me last night.

Because I can't resist sharing a great find, and I also believe we all love seeing what other people have purchased, here's what I bought last night.

Zulily Purchases

So, for the girls I got three matching sets: 

- Maroon and pink striped Leveret jammies (I plan to have these monogrammed in white ... they can be Christmas morning pajamas with green hairbows, and then we can also use them for around Valentines Day)

- Alligator Leveret jammies (I bought these in 12-18 months for Char and 3T for Millie, so they will be used next spring and summer)

- Lemon outfits (also bought in next spring/summer's sizes). They were only $7.99/ea!

For me, I bought this microneedling tool (normally $150) after hearing for a while how this roller is great for skin health and rejuvenating collagen. I figured for $19.99, it was worth a shot!

And lastly, those faux snakeskin dark green lamps by Safavieh ... I cannot handle how amazing they are. I truly hope they look as high-quality in person as they do in this photo. The rectangular shades and bases are my favorite, and they will look so great on the sideboard in our new dining room. They were a bit of a splurge, but they are awesome statement pieces. I guess I'm on the hunt now for drapes with green in them!

The sales on Zulily change all of the time which makes it fun to check in on regularly. It's the sale site I frequent the most and shop from the most. You can use my referral link to join if you haven't already! 

And, a little insider tip -- Zulily items tend to take a long while to ship (for example, everything I ordered above isn't set to ship to me until August 26) but if you want to look at items that will reach you faster, click "Shop By Category" from the menu bar at top and then click "Ready to Ship." That allows you to search through items that will ship immediately. For example, this adorable mason jar sign that is only $5.49 is included in that category. Would look so cute in a rustic kitchen or even on the front door.

Love this 'Home Sweet Home' Mason Jar Sign on #zulily! #zulilyfinds

If you've scored some great finds recently on Zulily, I'd love to hear about them!


  1. Thanks for posting! You inspired me to order some Leveret pjs for my daughter :)

  2. I just bought a bunch of smocked outfits for my little boy!! Thank you for reminding us of this awesome site! You just have to catch things at the right time, some things run out fast.

  3. I love zulilly! Having the app on my phone/ipad is so dangerous. My husband and I are in the middle of a kitchen renovation and I have found some of the cutest stuff on there for the kitchen. Also scored so precious booties last week! I don't have any children yet but when that day comes, I know my addiction will be even worse! Oops :)

  4. That little lemon outfit - oh my gosh! LOVE!

  5. Ok so I know I am commenting twice BUT I sent my first comment before I checked zulilly today. They are killing it with the home stuff today!! So much cute stuff!

  6. I love the alligator jammies. So cute. Do they come in my size?! :)

  7. Such cute finds!!! Those first jammies - monogrammed will be so darling! Random question but where do you take the pieces to be monogrammed? Do you have a local shop? Mud-pie is another cute site that has super cute (and cheap!) kids clothing! I'd recommend looking if you have a few minutes :)

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