A Blog Reader Just Saved Me $65.44

Today I received the nicest email from a blog reader who let me know that the sweater I ordered two of yesterday (this one) was at a lower price at Macy's and that I could ask Nordstrom to price-match it for me.

How nice is that?!

The girls just went down for a nap, and I opened the chat box with Nordstrom customer service, put in my order number, and sent the Nordstrom associate a link to the Macy's site that shows the sale price.

Macy's product exact link: here

Because of the sale price and an extra promotion that Macy's is running, this is the message I got back from the rep:

Great! I see that our total for each of the Free People 'Love' Split Back Pullovers would come down to $37.49. We can definitely meet this price.
A total difference of $65.44 will be reimbursed to your MasterCard.

So, a thoughtful email from a reader, and a three minute chat online, and I all of the sudden had $65.44 back on my credit card. Considering that the price I paid for each top was $68, I basically got one for free. And THAT makes today a gooooood day.

(Edited to add: the extra promotion that Macy's is offering is good for if you spend $75 on Free People clothing ... so if you ordered just one of these shirts, you'll get about $18 back, but if you ordered more than one, that extra $25 kicks in and you'll get more back.)

So thank you Cara for just being an awesome person and sending me that email -- and if you purchased this top from Nordstrom, don't hesitate to ask them to honor the Macy's price here! Just don't wait too long or else the color or size that you ordered may no longer be offered on Macy's and Nordstrom may not be able to adjust the price.


  1. Holy moly! I was just reading your last post and lusting over that top, but I couldn't bring myself to pay that much, but now that I have this brand new information, I think I'm going to snag one! That's awesome!

  2. Awe that's so sweet of her to take the time to reach out & save you money! Love the tops!

  3. Okay, since I just read your last post and was thinking, I can't spring the top at that price, I might now have to go bite the bullet! Thanks! Jess at Just Jess

  4. Nordstrom has THE BEST customer service! (And I've been thinking about this top since you posted about it and now I think I'm definitely going to have to get it.)

  5. Thank you! I loved the sweater but didn't love the $68 price tag. I just ordered two at that price, though!

  6. This restores my faith that people are inherently good! Thanks for sharing this cheer :)

  7. That is so awesome! Very nice of Cara to clue you into the price matching and so wonderful that Nordstrom does that :) That would make my day too!

  8. This is awesome! I just ordered that shirt so the price adjustment is great!! I'm so excited to get mine in the mail :) Thank YOU and Cara for letting us know! :)

  9. That is awesome! I love it! Way to go, Cara! :)

  10. Thanks for sharing! Did you have any trouble with them adding the 25% off promo? I tried to buy 2 from nordstroms and they said they would only match Macy's $49 but couldn't take the additional 25% off

  11. gosh, this is what i love about blogs! and the internet! theee best!!!


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