Found In The Mountains: Geode Soaps

We went to a really cute gift store in Boone this past weekend (Artwalk) and I ended up finding the neatest little handsoaps for our downstairs guest bath. They are made to look like beautiful natural gemstones, no two alike! I just had to buy two of them.

How unique are they?!

You can pick these up on Etsy for a few dollars, and whether you use them for your own home, or for a fun accompaniment to a teacher gift or a family member's stocking stuffer, I think anybody would appreciate their beauty!

Here are some I found on Etsy:

Geode Soaps


  1. Such a great stocking stuffer idea!

  2. A boutique I went to in Cary last week has them as well! I thought they were such a great idea for little ones who love rocks to help them love hand-washing. Jess at Just Jess

  3. Those are so cute! My hubs is a rock nerd (as I like to call him) so I think even he would get on board with these!

  4. Artwalk is such a cool store!! I loved roaming it when I was at app. Those are so cool and fun!

  5. These are so neat! What a fun stocking stuffer!


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