How to BOO Your Neighbors!

So today we are planning on "BOO"ing two of our neighbors!

I picked up everything the other day from Walmart. #fancy
It would have been a lot cooler if I would have said Target. #basic
But Walmart it was. #truth

In all honesty, each basket was so simple to put together and cost around $7. Not too shabby for a fun idea and a way to get your neighbors to think you're pretty swell.

The buckets were $1, the flour sack tea towels around $2 (yes, from Walmart!!!), the napkins and cookie cutter and stickers and candy around a dollar each or less, and then a few packs of Halloween-themed Goldfish. Score.

I printed out this "You've been booed"/"We've been booed" sign from this blog:

Booed Set

And today we just need to sneak the buckets of fun to our neighbors!

Don't have neighbors with kids? No worries! Fill a Halloween bucket with candles, single-serve wine or champagnes or pumpkin beer, fun seasonal home decor, sweet treats, baked goods, you name it! Everyone likes a Halloween treat.

Okay, I was side-eyeing the Shopbop sale because I saw something about getting an extra discount if you spend $500 (ummmm ... yeah right, not in my household).

BUT. Then I saw some items around the $30ish range that are totally cute and great for this transitional weather we are having. SO, don't be scared to shop the sale because it's not only for people who have bank accounts much much fluffier than mine. 

And I like the free 3-day shipping and free returns. Amazon Prime has spoiled us all.

PAMPELONE Monaco Blouse
Monaco Blouse - gauzy white embroidered with red
sale: $27 (here)

dRA Rosie Top

d.Ra Yellow embroidered top
sale: $28 (here)

re:named Over the Shoulder Top

re:named Blush cropped puff sleeve top
sale: $30 (here)

Chaser White Wine Tee

Chaser white wine tee
sale: $31 (here)

Those are my four picks. If you see something cute on the website that you buy or have your eye on, link it here in the comments -- I'd love to see if you can find any great and well-priced items. 

And ... go forth and BOO someone!


  1. BOOing is something our neighborhood did every year when we were growing up. Such fun memories!

  2. Boo-ing was a tradition in my family's neighborhood. I started it at my old office as well and it was fun seeing all the Halloween gel-clings in people's windows. Jess at Just Jess

  3. Love those flour sack towels! I picked up six to include in my daughters' teachers' Christmas presents ! And I plan On going back and getting myself a couple and one for my mom and my sister now! :) your buckets came together so cute-your neighbors are going to love their little surprises!

  4. So cute! What do you put the sign on to place it in the yard? A paint stick?


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