Calling All Etsy & Small Shop Owners!

Holiday gift guides ... you know they are coming :)

Last year I attempted to do something a little different by featuring some of YOUR small shops and Etsy shops. And I have to say that it made gift guides so much more fun for me to put together -- and hopefully more fun for you to read!

So, if you have an item that you would like to be considered -- something for a significant other, something for a baby, something for a toddler, something for a parent/in-law, something for a coworker, something we may want to put on our OWN lists -- please email me!

And, on the same token, I so appreciate all of you who consider shopping with The Tipsy Bunny this holiday season. You have a choice of who you shop with, and for those of you who choose us, THANK YOU. Being a stay-at-home-mom is so rewarding, but I was definitely missing having a little income. This venture, now over a year old, has allowed me to fulfill my need for creativity and also contribute to our family.

Today, Friday, and Saturday I will be in Greenville SC at a holiday pop-up shop, and if you follow along with our The Tipsy Bunny Insta account, you can shop the pop-up from the comfort of your own couch wherever you may be.

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My sister Laura has an Insta page HERE and my other sister Sarah just started one for her beautiful artwork HERE.

So again -- if you want to be considered for this year's gift guides, let's connect!


  1. So this isn't my shop, but my coworkers - She and her sister make gorgeous beaded jewelery. I probably wear a bracelet or necklace of theirs daily! And their packaging is adorable.

  2. What an awesome idea! I can't wait to see what people send you! I just opened a small embroidery shop (I don't have inventory other than baby bloomers). Not sure if this is something feasible to share but I figured I'd send it along :)

  3. I love this post/idea & shopping small! Thanks for putting it together !


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