I Spent $0.41 (What I Got From Old Navy)

Four dimes and a penny. That's what I spent at Old Navy today!

Okay, so I *did* have $50 in credit to spend that was set to expire soon (thanks to owning the BR credit card), but I originally had around $100+ worth of items in my cart, then got the 50% off for Cyber Monday, and then ended up with a grand total after discounts of $0.41. 

Not too shabby. Here's what I got:


Faux Snakeskin Lace-Up Flats
I typically wear a 7.5 but sized up to an 8 after reading the reviews.
Ended up getting these for around $13.50.
Various other colors, too!

Pink A Boo Slippers
Got these for just under $10!
My old slippers have bitten the dust.
Sized up 1/2 size to an 8 per the reviews.

Cozy Socks - FREE
Enter code COZY at checkout and they will send you a pair of fuzzy socks, YES even on top of all of the other discounts you got!



Less than $10.
I got a 3T so it will have room to grow.
And goes perfectly with....

ALSO got it for less than $10!
Snagged this one in 6-12 months size.
For $20, I have adorable matching dresses for the girls!

Can I get this in my size?
I mean, really.
This is so chic but cozy and casual enough for preschool.
Camille's going to go NUTS over the pockets.
Also got this one in 3T so it can be a little oversized this year and fit again next year.
$7.50 and it also comes in gray, blue and pink.

Product photo detailProduct photo detailProduct photo detail

Alright, that's what I scored!
And on top of that, I got free shipping and $40 in Super Cash that I can spend on my next purchase.
You have a few hours left to take advantage of their HUGE sale.

Once again, here are my purchases. Happy shopping!


  1. I'm so impressed!! That super saver status. So much adorable stuff too, I love the tunic and legging look for little girls, it's just too cute!

  2. My Banana Republic card is one of the BEST things I've ever signed up for - so many bonuses!!!

  3. 41cents- ha! Love it! Those slippers are great- I used to have them in red (and was totally eyeing the metallics...) and matching sister dresses- heart eyes!!

  4. I just got 11 items.. $206 worth of stuff for 0.66!!!! I love my Old Navy CC! We put all our spending on my CC each month (bills, groceries, etc) and pay it off the end of each month. This month I had $95 cash rewards. That on top of Sunday's sale (40% off plus a special email code of an extra 15% off) I racked up! My friends are always amazed at my old navy purchases. I try to never spend more than $5 an order. Haha!

  5. I got those same exact dresses for my girls - and one for me, too! They had it in adult sizes! So fun!


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