Photos From Our Thanksgiving

First Thanksgiving hosted at our new home? Check, check, check.

It went great! Total success.

Wednesday night, we made the sparkling apple pie cocktails that I blogged about recently. Recipe can be found HERE and they were delicious. We used Fireball in lieu of cinnamon schnapps. If you know my mom, you know she always has a bottle of Fireball lying around.

The recipe does call for honey granules which is a bit obscure, but you can order them with free shipping here and they are not expensive (creative stocking stuffer idea, too!). Plus, you can stir them into hot tea, oatmeal, etc. - tons of uses.

Thanksgiving morning we had homemade bacon, red onion and cheddar quiche with a cheese danish and orange slices. We planned to eat around 4:30 so went with some "nackies" (snacks/appetizers) for lunch. A few different cheeses and meats with olives and pickled okra. 

(I always get questions about my wooden piggy platter -- 
can't find it online but HERE is a cute one from Amazon!)

The weather was so perfect and Ian was doing some work outside on a little reading bench we're making for the girls -- so we all spent some nice time outdoors and Ian snapped this picture of me, Char and Camille!

Camille wore this adorable jumper that was a pass-down from a friend of mine. 

And Charry wore this sweet corduroy dress that Mom made Camille a few years ago. 

We tried an herbed-mayo coated turkey this year which turned out....

... PERFECTLY! So easy and delicious. 

I was proud of how the table turned out! I used my two faux white pumpkins from Halloween, some deer antlers, a tall glass vase, and tons of greenery from the backyard. 

The only new thing I bought for our table was a set of new cloth napkins. Ours had seen better days. These embroidered ones from Mud Pie looked so awesome on our table. 
Camille sang a blessing before the meal which was beyond cute. We had turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, fresh and canned cranberry sauces, deviled eggs, and pecan and pumpkin pies. For four adults. 

Charlotte had baby food and then kicked back and relaxed. 

Once the girls went to bed and we got the kitchen clean, we looked at each other and were like ... IT'S 8PM. WHAT DO WE DO.

Ian asked if we wanted to watch a movie, a Christmas movie, since turkey day was for the most part over. YASSSS. One of his favorites is The Family Man, a movie I hadn't seen until three years ago or so. Y'all, it is so good. It's sort of like a modern day It's A Wonderful Life. Sort of makes you question what life would be like if you had made a certain choice over another.

Truly a feel-good movie, AND if you are in the season of life like we are where you have wild kids, a messy suburbia house, and not too much time in the day to even brush your teeth, it really is a wonderful movie to watch.

And where is Tea Leoni now? Because she is the cutest darn thing and I love her haircut in the movie.

On the agenda today ... more cleaning up (of course), a trip to the shooting range for Ian, my Dad comes to town to hang out with us all, and ... dum dum dum ... starting to decorate for Christmas!


  1. Tea Leoni is on a tv show called Madam Secretary. It's a very good show! Your table is beautiful!

  2. Yes, Tea Leoni has her own show now. I tried to watch when if first came out, but just couldn't get into it. The picture with Char looking like she's in a food coma and her foot propped on the table is priceless!

  3. Madam Secretary is Tea Leoni and she's still beautiful! Your girls are so sweet and pretty

  4. You have to check out Tea Leoni in Madam Secretary. It's so good!

  5. Looks like the perfect Thanksgiving to me! Everything looked beautiful!

  6. Family Man is SO great!!! PLEASE tell me you've seen Planes, Trains and Automobiles. One of my FAVORITE holiday movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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