Santa Babies (2016 Visit With Santa)

For the third year in a row, we chose for our Santa visit to happen at one of my favorite home decor stores, BLACKLION

This store (their Pineville location) is huge and beautiful with so much visual inspiration for home decor. It's where we bought our huuuuge French-style foyer light but it's also perfect for smaller decor items like candles, ornaments, tea towels, and vases. 

Mom was in town so she was able to join us and help me with corralling a very excited (albeit anxious) Camille!

Charlotte's general attitude was that she was fine for a while and then BAM tears. We tried the whole set-up again with same results while sitting on the sleigh:

But all in all, another beautiful BLACKLION Santa visit filled with all of the classics: the REAL Santa, Rudolph, caroling bears, a magical door leading to the "elf entrance," a mailbox especially for Santa wishlist letters, and the friendliest employees that will ensure a great experience for you.

Santa will be at BLACKLION once more before Christmas, this coming Saturday from 1-4. Don't miss him!

10635 Park Road
Charlotte, NC 28210 
(704) 541-1148

The girls' smocked dresses are from Zulily but I'm not seeing them available any longer. 
Their bonnet and bow are both from The Tipsy Bunny!


  1. Charlotte's face in that last picture! Oh poor thing! I guess everyone needs to have a picture like that at some point in their lives!

  2. How seriously adorable are they in their matching smocked dresses?! I die!

  3. Such sweet pictures!! Love their matching outfits and that Bonnet. So darling!!! Charlotte little sad face is adorable.

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  6. Awww, the girls' dresses are so cute. Such sweet lil ladies you have. :)


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