Wednesday Notes: This And That

So, let's chat. It's been a while!

Today we are going downtown to see the life-sized gingerbread house at the Ritz and the singing bears in the Bank of America building. Free fun! And our third year of this tradition. Camille has already told me many times that she plans to "eat that gingerbread house." We shall see.

Christmas is too sparkly...said no one, ever. | When in doubt add more glitter this holiday season. May it be merry, shimmery, and bright!:

Last night for dinner we had slow cooker chicken thighs, black eyed peas, and roasted onions. The roasted onions were SO tasty and easy. HERE is the recipe we used.

Okay, moving on...

You know that feeling where you just feel like you've spent, and spent, and spent, and then you write out lists of what you have for everybody ... and you realize you've barely made a dent in your holiday shopping? I'm there.

On the flipside, I did score some great gifts this morning for my fam:

Reusable sticker pad for Camille:

Wooden percussion sticks for Charlotte:

And the iGrill mini for Ian:

Another thing. I mentioned on my Instagram feed recently that I was considering changing the name of my blog ... and I am going to go for it! I plan start the new year with a brand new name, so be on the lookout.

Name suggestions ... and GO!

3 New Years Free Printables | eBay:


  1. I haven't made a dent in our list either. I need to get in some amazon prime shopping for sure! New blog names.. ohh that's hard. But so much fun. How exciting! I will think on it... off the top of my head..

    Adventures with April
    The April Diaries
    April Avenue

    Good luck!

  2. How about the Tipsy Blogger?! It's probably too much, but just wanted to throw it out there. Have fun visiting the Ritz! I'm sure Camille will do her very best to eat that gingerbread house! :)

  3. Ooooh I can't wait to hear what you do with your blog! And girl, it took me a whole year to think of a name for my blog, so there's no way I could think of one for yours! Haha.

  4. I bought the grill mini for my husband too!

  5. which incinerated calories by leap-beginning the body's metabolism. but they were also addictive, and diet capsules were given a awful call as a result.

  6. my husband loves his igrill mini!!

  7. Excited for the new year and new blog name x


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