Be My Valentine!

Happy, happy Valentines Day!

How are you celebrating?

We are cooking dinner at home tonight ... filet (delicious recipe HERE that my aunt shared with me), sauteed fresh spinach, little crocks of mashed cheesy cauliflower, and chocolate cake and champagne for a sweet treat. I've found that one of those teeny bottles of La Marca prosecco is enough to fill two glasses for us!

I also wanted to share a fun cocktail recipe, because Ian is working a really long day today and I want to greet him at the door with something to set the tone for the evening. Booze, of course! 

Kidding, kidding, but I do think it would be a nice touch to have a fun muddled cocktail ready for him when he is home. 

Displaying Autumn Shandy 5.JPG

Dixie Shandy
(this makes ... a ton. scale down as appropriate!)

½ bottle Dixie Black Pepper Vodka
5 cups cranberry juice
1.5 cups simple syrup
5 cans (16 oz each) dry hard cider
a few sliced lemons
a few sliced limes
Chill vodka, cranberry juice, and dry hard cider. Combine first four ingredients in a large punch bowl. Top with hard cider and slices of lemons and lime. Serve with ladle and enjoy!

This Dixie Southern vodka is distilled right down the road in Charleston, SC! Such a fun bottle design. 

It's been yearrrssss since I ate at a restaurant on V-day and I honestly don't miss it. I'm really looking forward to our delicious dinner right here at our dining room table. 

Moving on, last Friday morning we had a Valentines playdate at my friend Sarah's house! I brought my mini Polaroid (this one -- I have it in pink) and snapped a few photos. This one of me and my girlies is my favorite!

Such a random find, but I was at Walgreens on my way over to the playdate and saw these Christian Siriano (remember him from Project Runway?! love love him) lipglosses for just $4.99 for five, and we had five mamas attending the playdate, so I grabbed it and each mom left with a fun new little lipgloss for Valentines Day. 

Our girls love each other. Love each other like sisters! 

Please note Camille pulling out her bow. (head in hands)
But seriously, they do love each other!

Anyway, back at home, this is what we have going on decor-wise. I kept it simple and shopped my holiday closet!

I picked up these felt Valentines envelopes from the dollar spot last year at Target, got them personalized this year with the girls' names, and hot glued on some red grosgrain ribbon, and tied them to the back of the kids table chairs. Perfect for love notes!

Early this morning I also sprinkled some faux rose petals on the table and decorated some areas of the kitchen. 

We are excited to celebrate the day of love! What are you looking forward to today?


  1. Super cute! I LOVE those Valentine's envelopes for the girls. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for something similar (maybe next year, haha!)

  2. I am DYING at the pictures of your girls "loving" each other. My boys are the same way. They are the best of friends unless one grabs a toy the other had been eyeing up.

  3. Oh my word - those pictures are hilarious!

  4. That cocktail sounds amazing! My hubs would love it! Enjoy your evening with your sweet little family!

  5. Lol, my oldest and her little bff are the same way! Love each other like sisters! ;) I love the felt envelopes -- especially that soft blue & bright red combo. Cheesy broccoli soup & bread here for dinner tonight! Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. those pictures of the girls "loving" on each other cracked me up - and I love that everyone got to go home with a new lipgloss. Such a small gesture but fun and special. Have a great night tonight!

  7. Sounds like the perfect v-day you have planned, love those pictures from playdate- so fun!

  8. You really go all out for Valentine's Day. Very sweet. I do love the Polaroid pic of you & your ladies. :)


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