Five On Friday: Dinner, Wine, Ears, Cheeks

It's time for another edition of Five on Friday and I do hope you'll join along!

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Char's ears ... I have quite an update for you. We had her consult yesterday with the ENT (she's on her 4th round of antibiotics now), and he said her ears are completely clear. Completely clear. And just to keep an eye on them for the time being and not worry about scheduling the tubes. Y'all, I seriously thought yesterday's appointment was merely to discuss the surgery date/specifics and sign anesthesia paperwork. I had NO idea that we may be getting the all-clear to just monitor her. Ian and I left the appointment practically skipping, we were so happy. Here's hoping her ears stay clear from here on out! Thanks to everyone for the prayers and well-wishes!

I made the most delicious chimichurri sauce last night for our skirt steak. Camille was my little sous-shef and we actually made it right in my baby food maker which is quite hilarious but efficient. Camille loves to help these days -- adding in the cilantro, pouring in the red wine vinegar with my assistance. I used this recipe and halved the olive oil and subbed in extra cilantro for the parsley I didn't have on hand. I served the sauce over skirt steak (delicious, from Aldi!) with sauteed peppers, black beans, and avocado slices. It was really tasty.

I think this sauce can be used so many ways -- drizzled over grilled chicken, quesadillas, a dip for veggies, you name it!

I mentioned at the beginning of the week that I was going to commit this entire week to using the Beautycounter products that my friend gave me. I have really been enjoying them! The Nourishing line to me feels very softening and not harsh at all. Just like it's really hydrating my skin, not taking anything away from it. I also have a sample of their charcoal soap she gave me that I like using along with my Clarisonic brush. So, for any of you who may be curious about the line, I have to say that I am a fan!

Great, great wine rec to pass along to you if you like New Zealand sauv blancs like I do! This one is from Aldi and is just $6.99. It seriously tastes amazing ... I am going to pick up several bottles next trip!

I wanted to show off this blush I mentioned recently ... Paaarty by Tarte (here). It lasts basically allllll day long and is not the bright pop of color I usually wear by Bobbi Brown, more of a subtle and earthy look. My boho mama look. ;) I really do recommend this color if you're looking for a long-lasting blush that will make you look a little more tan while allowing you to steer clear of the sun!

click image to shop

TGIF y'all, and hope you will join in on Five on Friday this week! Cheers to the weekend!

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  1. Such good news about Charlotte's ears. I know you're a happy mama! And that sauce looks delicious..I'll have to give it a try. Have a good weekend!

  2. That's great news about Charlotte's ears! I would have cried! That chimichurri sauce sounds so easy and delish...and I would probably make it in the Beaba, too! Ha! I'll definitely have to dry that wine; New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs are my favorite.

  3. Glad to hear about Charlotte's ears! I put in my first Beautycounter order last night, glad you have some positive feedback, it seems like that is the consensus. Have a great weekend!

  4. YAY YAY YAY for your good news about Charlotte's ears!! Also.. that blush is gorgeous! I may have to give it a try because what you described fits my exact needs haha!

  5. Ok - so this is MAJOR conspiracy theory, BUT, I've "heard" that often times ear infections can be very loosely diagnosed. Take that random gossip for what it is, but I'm really glad to hear that Char is good to go and will hopefully stay clear for the future! Great news and happy Friday!

  6. Cheers for good news about your baby! We battled ear infections and went with tubes. It made me SO nervous, but it was a game changer in our household. What do you use on your lashes? I'm so jealous of them.

  7. Andi was the same way at that age! We thought for sure she'd need tubes! Sending prayers it never comes to that for sweet Char! LOVE that blush by the way. Happy weekend friend! xo

  8. So happy to hear about her ears!! Yay! Praying they stay clear!

  9. I love tarte blushes. They can be so bright and crazy looking in the case, but so so pretty on!

  10. Such good news for you and your little one! We use our baby bullet all the time for things for us too. I have that same Tarte blush and love it. It's just the right amount of some extra color. Have a great weekend! Beautifully Candid

  11. SUCH great news about Char's ears! I know you're relieved. I'll be praying for her to stay clear forever!!!!

  12. I really like the Beauty Counter charcoal soap! I only have the concealer other than that, but I hope to try more of their products soon!


  13. LOVE Aldi, thanks for the recommendation! <3 We're frequent ENT visitors::praying for clear ears!!

  14. Can't wait to try out that recipe! Yum!

  15. Hi April! Thank you for your review on the Beautycounter products!! So glad you are a fan! And I am so glad to hear about Charlotte's ears that is awesome!!! You do some good cooking I need to follow your example! Love the wine recommendation thank you!!!!


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