Saturday Steal: Cedar Raised Garden Bed

Today's Saturday Steal is still $50/$60 depending on what size you go with, BUT investing in a garden is something that will truly pay for itself!

I purchased the 49x49 size and it arrived yesterday. We can't wait to put it together in our backyard! 

It will house lots of herbs (my favorites: rosemary, basil, oregano, lavender, fennel) and some veggies. Not only will it bring out the inner-herb-nerd in me, but it is also an excellent learning tool for Camille. Learning how plants grow, how they need water and sunlight, learning how we can all be a little more self-sufficient and take special care of things. Plus, it's a great activity to get us outside daily!

You can find these cedar raised beds HERE. The image above is also clickable, which is a little easier if you're reading on a mobile device. 


  1. I would love to do this if I can talk my husband into it. He is obsessed with our grass lol so the only place I think he'd let me put it is in a flower bed (we have large ones in the back). But I wonder about setting it on top of the mulch, if there are any chemicals (we get black mulch...dye maybe?) that would soak into the vegetables? Is that a silly thing to wonder haha?

  2. We built a large raised garden bed, but it was not kind to us last year. I think we overloaded it so an additional one for herbs would be great.

  3. We started with one raised bed and now we have FOUR! Gardening is addicting and so much fun! Plus my little guy loves digging in the dirt!

  4. I'm going to need a whole separate post on what to do with this and the timing, when do you plant, etc. I kill everything! Except for our lemon tree, it has one lemon on it!


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