Tuesday Coffee Talk

Good morning friends!
I've got a cup of French Roast right here and just wanted to share a few goings-on with our familia.

We had a wonderful weekend at the lake with my parents, sister, brother-in-law and precious nephew. Great food per usual, some fun family games after the three babies were asleep, even a boat ride (that we had to abandon halfway through because of rough waters). My mom had a great new NYX lipgloss that I tried on, and don't you know she snuck it into the pocket of my purse before we left because she said it looked great on me. I found it yesterday. That's a mom, am I right?

Back here at home, Ian and I watched The Accountant on Sunday night and he made us copycat chili cheese burritos from Taco Bell because, you know, we're classy. Honestly, they were absolutely delicious. If I told you we added Fritos inside them, too, would you hold it against me?

We've been spending time outside each and every day. It's the perfect way to burn that 4:30-5:30 hour before dinner begins. Char absolutely loves the wagon these days, and Camille loves to ask for "a little bit of biking."

I just got in some new Lilly ribbon to debut tomorrow night on our Tipsy Bunny instagram (here)! The most fun prints. I do have a few bows left from these other prints (top right sold out currently). They are $12/ea and $3 to ship no matter how many bows you buy. It's not too early to think about Easter baskets! If you're interested, message me or comment below!

Camille had ballet yesterday and Charlotte and I have music class today. We're off to get ready for the day. Make it a beautiful day! Last day of February!

Inspiration of the Day You've got to believe  Artwork by hearter @felingpoh! by weheartit:


  1. My Mom sneaks stuff into my purse too! And now, I've started doing it back to her. So fun! Have a great day! ~Sara

  2. Sounds like you had such a wonderful family filled weekend! I love that your mom snuck her lipgloss to your purse! Often times, when my mom comes and visits she will type a gift card to my favorite local grocery store in my planner for me to find 😊 It's always such a sweet surprise and something I can't wait to do for my girls (and boys!) when they are all grown up! Have a great day friend!

  3. Sounds like a fabulous family weekend! I need to order another bow or two because the cute pink one with monogram you recently did for me is so dang cute! Have a great rest of the week! xo

  4. Those tacos sound delicious, and I love those Lilly bows you made!

  5. Your mom is so sweet! I love that she snuck that lipstick into your purse. Definitely a mom thing to do!

  6. Moms are great. What did you think of The Accountant? We watched that the other week and I liked it (although I did predict the ending). :)

  7. awww so sweet of your mom!! i love that!! a mom move, indeed. :)

  8. I really love the bows you make. I would love a few solid colors for the spring/summer.

  9. Now that I'm officially a #boymom, would you ever consider expanding Tipsy Bunny to create bow ties as well? Instead of a hair clip, a clip that could go on a onesie or a little boy's collared/polo shirt, or even a safety pin type thing?

  10. I'm going to need that chili cheese burrito recipe ASAP ;)
    For real though, they don't have them in Hawaii (the horror!) and this pregnant mama would do aaaallllmost anything for one!


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