Valentine Love


So, Valentines Day is one week away. Here are some of my favorite items so that you can treat yourself, your bestie, your little ones, or you main squeeze.

// 1 //
Personalized Love Note Chairbacker - here from PBK and here from Etsy
These sweet little felt envelopes are the perfect catchers of love notes from Mommy, Daddy, grandparents and friends. Camille and Charlotte each have one on the backs of their little kid-sized table in our kitchen!

// 2 //
Kate Spade Skort Pajamas - here
Skort pajamas. Oh gracious now THAT is cute. How adorable is this for some V-day lounging.

// 3 //
Baublebar Earrings (40% off now, just over $20) - here
I love these earrings sooo much, and at $20, they are a great girlfriend gift. Or heck, go ahead and splurge on yourself. This is the type of thing I'd go ahead and order and keep in a present drawer to have on hand for a holiday gift swap or a girlfriend's birthday that popped up on me.

// 4 //
A Dozen Hand-Dipped Strawberries - here
I mean, who knew you could Amazon Prime fresh, hand-dipped in chocolate strawberries? Genius. Perfect for your bestie or your grandma.

// 5 //
iGrill Mini - here
Shopping for your man and in need of a great gift under $40? I got Ian this iGrill mini for Christmas and we put it to use for the first time on Super Bowl Sunday. Y'all, he's hooked. He's not the MOST tech-savvy guy ever but he set this up so quickly on his iPhone and loved using it with the smoker I got him for his birthday. He smoked wings on it and used the app to keep an eye on the temperature. It will automatically alert you if the temp on your grill or smoker gets too low or high. He was surprised how easy and effortless it made cooking the wings and was singing this little device's praises all night!


  1. First of all, I am absolutely loving all of the pink and red. I adore Valentine's Day just for the decor. I have never heard of an i-Grill or skort pajamas for that matter. I love your unique picks...I wonder if my sweetie would like an Igrill after having to put out multiple grease fires with flour in 2016???

    XOXO Rachael

  2. Such fun picks! I love those pjs and the chair backers!

  3. My husband is obsessed with the iGrill also!! He has since gifted them to all of the guys in our family!! The chocolate covered strawberries on Amazon is amazing! I'm going to have to check that out!!

  4. I love those pajamas and the strawberries! We make our own chocolate covered strawberries each year!

  5. yesss my hubs has used his igrill mini so much!! perfect picks. :)

  6. All really cute do you make the clickable images to shop from at the bottom? (for some reason I've yet to figure that out.) TIA❤️


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