Girls Night

Monday night for me are typically quiet with a home-cooked healthy meal ... the start of the week after a fun weekend. But this past Monday night, I continued the fun and met out with a few girlfriends for delicious Thai at Basil. 

It was half-priced wine night so I bought a bottle (!!!) of Matua sauv blanc for myself (!!!) ... don't worry, I was able to cork it and bring the rest of the bottle home. I'm a two glass max kind of girl. 

I ordered the Pad See-eu with beef, my favorite entree there. We had great conversation and lots of laughs. And I couldn't resist dessert from Marble Slab next to the restaurant. Sweet cream with marshmallows and cookie dough mixed in has been my order since college!

The quatrefoil earrings I wore are made by my sister and available from her Etsy shop HERE! They are the larger size, but I also love the smaller size she offers.

Quatrefoil Drop Earrings

Girlfriend time is good for the soul, and sometimes you just need to put on perfume on a Monday night. 


  1. Girlfriend time AND Thai food! You can't beat that!

  2. I love looking forward to fun things during the week!

  3. So fun! Girls night is the best! I LOVE Marble Slab and sweet cream is my fave...going to have to try the marshmallows and cookie dough instead of my usual Oreos! :)

  4. God bless girlfriend time. :) Glad you enjoyed yourself!

  5. Thai food sounds so good right now. And yes, gfs are 100% fantastic for the soul!

  6. Yay! I'm glad you were able to have such a fun night out! You deserve it. :)

  7. I swear we are spirit animals. Matua is one of my FAVE sauvs!!!!! AHHHH!!! Now I need a glass of wine. Thanks a lot....ha!


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