La-La-Love Me Some Spring

The OFFICIAL first day of Spring is March 20th, which is Monday! And I looooove spring.

But let's face it, here in the Carolinas we have been all over the place weather-wise. I've already spent time laying outside on a blanket with the girls, wearing shorts, tanning my legs. And then a few days ago I photographed Ian pulling the girls on a sled in our front yard. I always get a lot of emailed questions from folks wondering what it's like living in Charlotte. THAT right there is what it's like. :)

This is the best. Why is the sled suddenly feeling lighter? 

It's been mighty cold recently. Last night right before turning out the light, Ian and I were going back and forth about whether or not to take a heftier blanket up to Camille's room. She has a thinner fleece one now. Was it worth the risk of  waking her up? Would it make her too hot? Or, if we didn't, would she shiver? The things that keep you awake.

If you have any great toddler blanket recs, please leave them below in the comments. I'm all ears!

Style-wise, I am a sucker for florals and always have been. So I am really excited about some of the new items I'm seeing in stores.

spring in my step

And lastly, I think I need to swap out my front door wreath for something more springy. Check out this adorable wreath I found on Etsy. SO in love with it. And yay for supporting Etsy sellers!

Easter Egg Door Basket, Easter Egg Wreath, Spring Wreath, Pink Easter Wreath, Pastel Easter Basket, Easter Decoration, Front Door Wreath
shoppable image

So, happy last weekend of winter! Whether you're sunning your legs this weekend or playing in the snow, enjoy it. See you all back here tomorrow for Five On Friday!


  1. I can't believe the first day of Spring is Monday! We've been buried in ice for the past few days!

  2. I'm with ya, it certainly doesn't feel like spring here in the NE but I can't wait! And thanks a lot ;) now you have me "window browsing" jcrew's spring shoe collection and drooling all over my phone.

  3. It was 24 degrees last night here in GA! Just crazy for this time of year! I'm right there with ya... I'm ready for the warmth and the fun summery clothes!

  4. Fellow Charlotte blogger here and I am totally with you! This weather is crazy and I pulled winter jammie's out for the kids again last night. We're from NJ so I'll definitely take a few cold days and couple hours of fading snow instead of the 1+ foot they got this week!

  5. Love that wreath! I am beyond ready for it to be spring weather.

  6. We just bought my 2.5 year old the Pom Pom Comforter in Multicolor from Target for her toddler bed! It looks so cute with her pink and aqua floral sheet she has had since birth. Not cheesy at all like some of the character ones. She calls it her "big girl blanket" because her little brother doesn't get one. Disclaimer- It does not make her sleep in later ;)

  7. I really love this wreath too! It's so springy and fun! Enjoy the snow while it last and then HELLO spring!

  8. It definitely doesn't feel like spring yet here either! Snowing and cold!!! I hope it comes soon; I'm definitely ready!

  9. How bad is it that we still put Conner in a sleep sack EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. No joke. He's wearing an XL now - go figure. He's only TWO YEARS OLD! Help a lady. I'm sending this kid to college with an XXXXXXXXXL Sleep Sack, I swear.


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