Scenes From A Spring Weekend

Here in Charlotte this weekend, the weather was so nice for having some good time outdoors!

Ian was pressure-washing the driveway Saturday and texted me (up in the playroom) to look down. Cute :) 

(PS, what's more adorable than the way that a grown man draws a heart?)

We picked up this Dora motorized car from a local selling page on Facebook. Charlotte can't ride on it by herself, but she really enjoyed sitting on it and riding as I pressed the "go" button and held her straight up on it. We had a race between her and Camille down the driveway about a half dozen times. Camille won. 

We also spent a good part of Sunday morning at a nearby park and packed a picnic lunch to take there. Camille had a PB+J and Ian and I had our favorite tuna sub from the Teet. Charlotte was really enjoying the slide with Dad's help. 

And, some sister love. 

Other than that, we spent some nice time outdoors. We have the BEST new parachute hammock ... it's the coolest thing. You can find it HERE on Amazon. It's inexpensive, and you don't need to drill into the trees which is so nice. It comes in several colors and is $27 ... who is looking for a Fathers Day gift, because this is perfect! Ian and I can even lay in it together -- it holds up to 500lbs. 

We've made so many changes to that little back natural area -- mulched it, added the bench and painted it pink, created the little rock-bordered wavy path and graveled it in. I added the little aqua gazing ball and we found that cool trellis for a great price HERE on Amazon. He planted those vines yesterday and we can't wait for them to creep up over the trellis. Oh, and yesterday Ian hung up a fun wind chime above the hammock. Our goal for the area is for it to be a cute, whimsical spot where the girls can relax and read books and play.

Last night's dinner was simple and delicious -- steak frites! Paired with a little Dateline and a 10pm bedtime, it was just what the doctor ordered!


  1. Hey! Sounds like a fun weekend and the dinner looks yummy :) Just wanted to give you some feedback your ads are getting annoying and rather invasive (eg popups that really don't translate well to a mobile device). You've often been appreciative of feedback in the past so I wanted to share, feel free to delete this comment if you'd prefer :)

    1. Katie, thank you SO much for passing that along! I've already emailed the ad company to ask them to remove the ads entirely but see that it hasn't been done. I am going to follow up. I really appreciate your two cents! xo

  2. Your family is so cute! Looks like everyone had a fun weekend.

  3. Such a perfect weekend with glorious NC weather :) Dateline is totally our guilty pleasure too!

  4. What a lovely weekend! Your backyard is looking great, and I love the little race between your two girls!

  5. Okay, that's the cutest thing that Ian did with the power washer! So sweet!

  6. Such a fun weekend!! That hammock looks awesome. How sweet is the hubs.. pretty sure mine isn't that sweet haha

  7. this is a perfectly sweet weekend!!! i love the girls on their sweet rides!!


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