St. Pats Planning

March is here, St. Patty's is around the corner, and while I may not be closing down the bars drinking green beer this year, it's still fun to get in the spirit and enjoy all of the green.

st pats

The invitation on the bottom right is soooo adorable. My favorite!

Definitely planning on doing this paper plate craft with Camille! She would love this. You can get the paper streamers so inexpensively at a party store or dollar store.

Rainbow Paper Plate Craft for Preschoolers:

And you can't beat a minty ice-cream based shake! Recipe HERE. I just need to pick up this mint extract

St. Patrick's Day Fun Food - Homemade Shamrock Shake Recipe. Love the rainbows added too!:

What sort of things do you have planned for the 17th?


  1. Martha Stewart's slow cooker corned beef! I messed up the recipe the first time I made it and didn't put a drop of water in (she calls for 4 cups). IT WAS AMAZING and was much more a roasted flavor/texture than boiled. Highly recommend:

    (I also skipped the cabbage in the slow cooker - I'd do it like you normally do and roast it on a sheet pan!)

  2. My daughter is an Irish dancer so this month is a fun one for her. She's walking in the parade Uptown the 18th and dancing afterwards.

    If you're looking for something free and fun this weekend, she has a dance competition this weekend. There are dancers of all ages (from all over the US) that come to it to compete. It starts at 8am at Sheraton Charlotte Hotel (555 S. McDowell St) and runs until mid-afternoon. They have one there on Sunday that runs from 8am until lunchtime. Fun costumes Camille might like to see!

  3. Ha, that was not Nick commenting but rather Christine :) Just noticed.

  4. Yup, I want/need that shake right now! :D


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