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So, last night was the first night that we slept on our new PeachSkin sheets (THESE, if you are curious!). I'm in a local Facebook moms group where people raaaaave about these sheets, saying that they are truly the best ever.

I ordered Monday; they arrived Wednesday afternoon. I washed them Thursday morning and got them on the bed. I have to say that they slept GREAT and are so, so soft! Even Ian was a big fan! I went with the Brushed Silver which is a perfect light gray. One of the best colors they offer, I think. I love white sheets but I don't love when they inevitably get dingy.

I would recommend ordering directly from the Peachskin site before the end of the month if you are looking for this same color I have. They do a "color of the month" promotion and the silver ones are now $55 for any size -- but just on their site, not on Amazon. Shipping was around $10. I didn't love last month's colors so I am so glad that that lovely Brushed Silver was one of the choices for April.

Last weekend in Disney was pretty darn awesome, and I'm not just reminiscing about the Dole Whip floats. Buttttt ... I kind of am.

So last night I got a wild hair and searched up copycat recipes on Pinterest. Yessir, there are quite a few! HERE is one that I will share with you because I typically like recipes from this blog, Six Sisters Stuff. I haven't tried it yet but it looks so very easy! How refreshing would this be on a warm weekend day?

I am still having a BLAST monogramming things and learning this new skill! Thank you SO much to one of my sweet readers who emailed me and recommended the best embroidery thread. THIS is the rec she passed along to me. The colors are great, and the thread is so shiny and pretty! Yesterday I worked on some palm leaf print napkins which turned out great!

Big Little Lies. YES. I hadn't read the book so the series on HBO was completely new to me. It was awesome ... I loved every single actor in it, loved the storyline, loved the ending. Midway through the last episode I had a feeling where it was heading. I have even considered watching it again! It's dark and probably not for everyone, but man I enjoyed it. Reading the TV show's forum on GOMI has been pretty interesting. Even though I don't know the other posters, it's interesting hearing their takes on the show. Did you watch? How does it line up with the book?

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The winner of the $50 Disney gift card giveaway that I ran this week with Jenny is:

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Liked! I have not seen the new movie yet, but I love the animated Beauty and the Beast. When visiting France last year, I had the songs in my head the entire time!
Taking my little Frozen-loving 2 year old daughter to Disney world in a couple of weeks!!

Emily, please email me and I'll connect you with Jenny! Congratulations!

Also, a special note to y'all from Jenny:
Anyone who books a trip with me by the end of 2017 will get a gift card to take with them on their vacation as a thank you for booking with me! All they need to do is mention that they got my name from Smidge of This.

How cool is that?!

TGIF y'all, and hope you will join in on Five on Friday this week! Cheers to the weekend!

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  1. Have a great weekend.

  2. I agree with you on everything you said about Big Little Lies! I didn't read the book but I loved the series and the actors in it. It was a really satisfying show to watch beginning to end!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  3. I always have the best night sleep on a fresh pair of sheets. I am going to have to check these out.
    Beautifully Candid

  4. I'm so obsessed with Big Little Lies!! so good! I didn't read the books either, but eh series is oh so good!!

  5. I have heard so many people rave about Big Little Lies; I need to get onboard! :)

  6. I just read the book "Big Little Lies" (I know, I must be living under a rock) and now want to see the show so bad. I such a sheet snob, clean, fresh sheets are the best! Happy weekend!

  7. BLL was SOOOO good!! I'm glad you said you wanted to watch it again bc I do too!

  8. I've heard such great things about BLL!!

  9. Funny you posted about sheets. We need new ones & I had no idea what to choose! Just ordered the Brushed Silver! :)

  10. i liked the show more than the book! i think they did such a great job! off to check out those sheets :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  11. I loved the show! Thought the last episode was too rushed though and left out some really important details for the book. It's still one of my fav series I've watched lately though. Glad to hear the sheets lived up to expectation - I have been curious.

  12. I will have to try those sheets! Brushed silver would go great with our comforter. I usually try to pick up a new set on Black Friday when the nice ones are on sale, but $55 is a great deal!

  13. It's going to be strange reading the book BLL after the mini series because the casting was so off!! I love Shailene Woodley but could bot take her seriously as a mom. And Nicole Kidman is almost 50 in real life, while she's amazing, I think her character was supposed to be more than ten years younger. I did appreciate how they did the book justice with a miniseries versus a movie - so much was covered, but I concur with the poster above the the very last episode was totally rushed! Like, they took their time up to that point and then just crammed everything in. But yes, read the book!! You'll connect immediately as a mom (and I also connected as a former teacher). Love that you are monogramming! What fun :)

  14. I can't wait to start Big Little Lies! I've heard so many people talking about it. Ps. Love that you're monogramming! Can't wait to see what you create!

    McKenzie //

  15. I really think that I'm gonna have to check out Big Little Lies. Lots & lots of people have really enjoyed it but I would like to know if I should read the book first. I tend to do that with anything else...


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