We'd just picked Camille up from preschool yesterday and were driving home when we reached an area of the road that they were resurfacing. Roads were closed, and traffic was ... ugh, nothing that would jive with two little ones who were quite ready to be out of their carseats.

I rerouted us and we ended up face-to-face with a playground. I turned a right. We headed away from the playground and towards home. 

Then I U-turned it. 

A decision to go to the playground is certainly not earth-shattering, but it's a big break from our routine. The routine we thrive on. Pick up Camille, go straight home, play for a bit outside or in the playroom and then naptime. It's what we do, every single week. It's what we know.

This was such a special treat for Camille, you could just see it in her face. And Charlotte was having the time of her life going down the slides (with my help) and having her big sister play with her!

It was a nice little reminder that taking a detour from time to time is healthy. And fun. 

That reminds me, I have three little "mom goals" that I try to do daily. I'll share those soon. It's all common sense and easy easy easy, but it's three checklist items that I aim to achieve every day.

Rerouted ... the best part of the day yesterday. 


  1. So so sweet!! The snaps were full of pure joy!!

  2. Love this! Can't wait to hear your three mom goals!

  3. Detours are the best sometimes :-) Glad they enjoyed it!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  4. Love.

  5. This is awesome - the stuff we remember from our childhoods! I love to take a rainy afternoon off from work (I work from home), and watch part of a movie with my kiddos. It makes the rain fun!

  6. L-o-v-e this and cannot wait to here the 3 mama goals! xo

  7. This is what being a momma is all about - a little detour can go a long way x

  8. So sweet! I need to be better about doing this too, sometimes I'm so stuck in our routine thinking it's what's best for all of us when in reality we need these little change ups to every once in awhile!

  9. I love this, such a reminder to enjoy the days instead of just get through them. Can't wait to read about your three goals. I need to be a little more intentional, so I'm looking forward to the inspiration!

  10. sometimes the simplest break in routine that can shake things up in a fun little way, right!! so much fun for you and your ladies!!

  11. So fun! Those spontaneous outings can be so memorable! I loved the insta stories from the trip!

  12. Such a great reminder... I needed this! I'm definitely a creature of habit!


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