You Asked, Here It Is

One of the questions I've received over and over recently is about the sundress I wore to Charlotte's first birthday. It was Lilly Pulitzer and I bought it secondhand.

This morning I was perusing my fave secondhand online shop, ThredUp, and what did I see?!

This little beauty. Size 2. Someone please snag it!

If you're new to ThredUp, you may use my referral link HERE for $10 off of your first purchase.

Check it out—Lilly Pulitzer Casual Dress for $50.99 at thredUP!

Such a comfy, pretty, feminine dress ... and forgiving around the waist, my favorite!

Here are some of the items I've ordered from ThredUp in the past year. I've only returned one item (not shown) for store credit because it didn't fit me well -- it was a dress that was too short. Returns are super simple and free. 


  1. I've had good luck selling things on Tradesy too and just made my first purchase on postmark.

  2. That is such a pretty and fun dress! You looked so pretty!


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