Best Friend Fun

I just realized that I titled Monday's post "Weekend Fun" and then titled Tuesday's post "Father's Day Fun." So, coming at ya this Wednesday with "Best Friend Fun."

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Camille has entered the best friend phase. Ooooh, this one I like. 

"Mama. You're my besssssst friend."
"Mama. You're my besssssst buddy."

Where do kids even really pick up on this? Older kids? Television shows, movies? Do they understand the concept of a best friend? What does it really mean to Camille -- the one that lets them choose their pajamas at night? The popsicle-giver? The knower of the code to unlock the iPad?

Regardless, I love it when she tells me that I am hers.

That photo is us yesterday after eating lunch on the screened porch. She asked me to "rub her hair" and she laid her head in my lap and closed her eyes. This is a child who rarely sits still and is SO sweet but not necessarily snuggly. I'll take it. 

I know this "you're my best friend, Mama" stage won't last forever. It will go away for a while, long enough to dent my heart, and then maybe when she's a young adult herself, she MIGHT JUST MIGHT think I'm her best friend again, if I'm lucky. My mom and I consider each other besties. 

And because I know it will wax and wane, that's why I wanted to document it.

Best friend FUN. 


  1. Love it!! Millie and I always say "best friend and link our pinkies and kiss our thumbs" Love these little traditions with my girl.

  2. So sweet!! My 3 (almost 3 and a half) also uses this term......but can use it against me when I discipline her!!! After getting out of time out or following a consequence, so is now known to say "You're not my best mommy anymore!!!" Ah! Stab me in the heart, child!! At least I'm back to being her best friend within a few minutes, haha!

  3. It might stick around! My mom is one of my best friends and I'm 36 years old!

  4. Oh my gosh cutest blog post ever April!! This made my whole day!!

    xoxo A

  5. It's the best. My 2.5 year old says I'm her "berry best girl" and sits practically on top of me at all times because she just wants to be close. You're so right. It won't last for long. Cherishing every moment!

  6. Oh my gosh, my 2.5 year old daughter has just started telling me the same thing. It came out of nowhere, and just like you, I'm wondering where the heck she discovered the notion of a best friend. It melts me every time. She assures me that I will still be her best friend when she is 16! Ha!

  7. Yes, enjoy it it as long as you can cuz the teenage years are hard on a mama's heart, believe me.

  8. So so sweet. Makes my heart melt and makes me SO thankful for my daughter. I pray that we are best friends one day like me and my momma are!


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