Fathers Day Fun

Gals, we have one more full weekend before Father's Day is upon us!
I know that fathers and husbands can be difficult to shop for.
Here are some tried-and-true dude gifts around my neck of the woods.

Parachute Hammock 
(use it anywhere, no drilling into trees, holds up to 500lbs)
HERE on Amazon
We own this and it is such a nice backyard accessory. I love that you can put it up easily without having to drill into trees. And it's super cheap. Holds two people if you don't mind being snuggly.

iGrill Mini
HERE on Amazon
I gave this to Ian for Christmas and he LOVES it. He said the free app is really easy to use. You stick it into the slab of meat on your grill or smoker and can monitor the temperature on your phone, receiving alerts when it hits certain temps! Such a great gift for a grilling, gadget-loving guy.

(disclaimer: Ian's good with technology but not a total tech-geek. this is user friendly enough that it was easily tackled by him, so don't be nervous that it's too techy for your man!)

iDevices iGrill Mini

Tile Key Finder
HERE on amazon
Is it just my husband, or do their keys somehow get misplaced every few days? Certainly not his fault, CERTAINLY not. :-/ 

Anyway, I got him a Tile two Christmases ago and it's great because you put it on your keychain and you can track down those missing keys right from your Tile app! 

One last thing for a laugh.
I gave this to my dad for his birthday recently and he thought it was the COOLEST thing. He and Mom live down at the lake and he thinks their lake buds are going to get the biggest kick out of seeing him roll up to the sandbar on the boat holding this:

Oversized Flask (holds a half gallon ... yes a half GALLONNNNN)
HERE on Amazon
Lawd, I hope my dad will be filling it with bottled water. Maybe?!

I'd love to hear what some hits are in your home! Gifts for the guys .... GO!


  1. YES to the hammock - my daughter loves it too - for taking to cross country and track and field meets! And that flask - that's a YES!

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  2. Such fun ideas! I think we are going the picture route, but such great picks!

  3. So funny! We actually just bought the hammock last week.... at Costco! They had a wonderful deal- $20, now $30 I think. great quality as well.

  4. I just ordered my dad the hammock!!! Thank you for the idea!!!

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  6. that hammock looks awesome! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  7. That flask is awesome hahah!! My husband totally needs that key finder (insert eye roll emoji). I made him a coffee mug with vivian's baby foot prints on it and also got him a practical, boring gift of his favorite Peter Milar collared shirt because I know he will love that

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