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Camille's such a big girl and I'm honestly stunned she hasn't climbed out of her crib yet. No big girl bed for us yet! I am sort of breathing a sigh of relief (because I know it won't be the easiest transition) but I also am excited to see her room with two twin beds in it. I will keep the monogram where it is and have the two beds on either side of it. They are actually the twin bed headboards my sister and I used growing up!

Monogram source (Renee will help you will all of your decal needs!): 
 Instagram: @dandelion_decals 

We have one more coat to put on the door before it's officially done, but we now have our brighter, lighter entry!

Before, the door and casings were all a mahogany-stained wood. I just didn't love the color. Now the casings are bright, beautiful white. The blue door just adds such a nice pop (It's Dignity Blue by Sherwin-Williams). And the interior of the door is Benjamin Moore's Chelsea Gray, the same color we have on our kitchen island.

Meet the world's newest budding photographer, Camille, aged 3. She calls this piece "Mama Changing Charry's Diaper."

Have you ever had a German green bean salad? We had it earlier this week and ... YUM! My mom found the recipe on Pinterest and shared it with me. We used THIS recipe. I actually used a can of organic green beans which made it even easier. I figured the vinaigrette would cover up that "canned" taste completely, and it did. I made it during naptime and it was so tasty hours letter at supper. Highly recommend -- it's a nice way to have a cold side dish that is a twist on what you're probably doing typically with beans.

green bean salad

TGIF laaaaadies, and cheers to the fact we made it through another week! Whatcha doin' this weekend? LMK below!

may your Friday sparkle  by Pretty Print Shop:

That's it for today! Hope you have a lovely weekend -- thanks for linking up with us below!


  1. Gorgeous door! Actually, I love your entire entryway!

  2. That is amazing that she is still in her crib! I'm SO jealous. Your front door and entire entry area is just beautiful! And, we are going to see Jimmy Buffett tomorrow night; ha!

  3. The front door looks great! Did the inside end up looking darker when it dried?

  4. I can't believe she hasn't tried to crawl out of her crib yet! Good for you, Mama! I am just counting down with my son and he won't be two until September!

  5. Don't litte ones take the best candids?! How cute! And I LOVE your front door! xx, McKenzie //

  6. My daughter turned 3 in May and hasn't even attempted to climb out of hers either! I've been totally shocked - I never imagined she'd be in it this long, but I'll take it!

  7. Camille's new room set up sounds so cute!

  8. EEEEKKKK...your front door!!!! It looks GREAT! Your little photographer did a great job. ❤️
    Love that! Happy Friday!!!

  9. I love that door color! This weekend I am headed to two different potluck dinners as well as a car appointment! Let's hope it's not too expensive! Jess at Just Jess

  10. Bahahha I literally laughed out loud at Camille's picture of you!!! Love it! Ella's been into taking pictures lately too! Too fun!

  11. I am loving that beautiful blue door!! And I am so glad it's Friday. We have very little plans this weekend and that makes me so happy! Have a great weekend!

  12. I checked out the green bean recipe. It looks simple and tasty. I'll have to try it.

  13. Love the door color and those planters on the front porch - we have the same! Love the height!

  14. Love the new door color!! Moving my boys to big boy beds was actually painless, they both slept in them fine and were both under 3.

  15. Andi is a little over 2 and has never showed any interest of getting out of crib so we aren't rushing it either! She's upstairs so it has me super worried when we do transition - LOVE the blue door btw!!!


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