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My girlfriend snapped this photo of me and put it on her Instastories yesterday and had some people asking for the recipe of the cucumber sandwiches I made her!

It is so easy that we don't really even need a recipe. You will cut several pieces of white bread in quarters (4 squares) with a pizza cutter ... and trust me on this -- my girlfriend can attest to it -- use Sarah Lee Artesano bread! Note: I usually use a juice glass or round cookie cutter to make the bread in circles, but I was tight on time yesterday so simple squares won out!

Slice a seedless cucumber very thinly into rounds. Let these rounds dry on a paper towel. 

Mix up half a block of softened (light) cream cheese with equal parts mayonnaise, and then season to taste with garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Add in lots of dried dill. Make sure it is nice and spreadable. 

Top your white bread square with the cream cheese mixture and a cucumber slice. It's that easy! It's like a little open-faced poppable cucumber sammie. 

These are so refreshing and light for summer, and they also make a great party or baby/wedding shower hors d'oeuvre. 

July 4th is around the corner, and we have our American flags ready! The girls' outfits are selected (of course) and I've also been very busy making hairbows for some local sweethearts. I still love making these and the little piggytail bows shown below have been a big hit! A set of two is $8.

You probably know that I am selling LipSense (the smudge-proof, 4-18 hour lipstick) and I recently started using some of their other makeup and skincare items for myself. Here's what I've tried so far:

* MakeSense foundation in Dewy
* ShadowSense eyeshadow in Candlelight (also can be used as concealer)
* ShadowSense eyeshadow in Moca Java (can also be brushed on as brow filler)
* ShadowSense eyeshadow in Smoked Topaz
* Sunless tanning spray
* Lip Volumizer (my 4wk before/after pics are on @smoochbyapril on IG and my Facebook page)

And of course I have so many other items on my wishlist. (whoops) But I keep rewarding myself after lots of sales with little makeup treats!

The pic below shows me wearing the foundation, the eyeshadow in Smoked Topaz, and the LipSense in Pomegranate.

That RapidLash is really kicking in now after 2+ months!
available HERE on Amazon for less than $30

Know what's really good?! Pimiento cheese on cinnamon raisin bread! Palmetto Cheese is our go-to brand.

Charlotte discovered the joy of Mommy's sunglasses yesterday. This child is PURE SWEETNESS and I can't get enough of her smile! She also has those smiley eyes that go into half-moons when she smiles and laughs which is the best thing ever. I love my girls!

That's it for today! Hope you have a lovely weekend -- thanks for linking up with us below!


  1. I'm so glad you posted the cucumber sammy recipe. I had asked sarah for it yesterday haha. Also, pimento cheese on cinnamon bread? I'm not sure about this, but will be giving it a try! We love palmetto as well! Charlotte is precious in those glasses, my boys love stealing our sunglasses too. Happy Friday!

  2. I really need to try LipSense! And she is definitely the cutest!

  3. Those sandwiches looked delicious on Sarah's InstaStorty! (And you looked so beautiful!) I totally bought that bread at Walmart after you mentioned it and oh my word, it's SO good!

  4. Love.

  5. Pimento cheese is another SO SOUTHERN thing this California girl knew NOTHING about (prior to the fancy country club in Dallas where they even serve it!). I've been doing cucumber sandwiches here, too!! We are getting tons every week in our CSA :)

  6. I use to buy Pimento Cheese from Ukrop's when we lived in Richmond, VA (where I grew up and lived until 7 years ago). It's so delicious. Your cucumber sandwiches look perfect for a hot summer day.

  7. I've always wanted to try Cucumber Sandwiches, but I'm allergic to dairy and I haven't found a good dairy-free cream cheese yet. Your daughter is adorable!

  8. The the cucumber sandwiches sound great, and I love Charlotte styling your glasses!

  9. Love the pic of Charlotte in the sunglasses! And those cucumber sandwiches sound delicious!

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