Lake Living Is The Life For Me

This past weekend we stuffed nineteen people and four dogs into my parents' lakehouse. And it rocked.

Now, three of those folks were wee ones three and under, and we also have a teeny cabin onsite where a few people stayed. And my cousin and his wife slept in their tent, and my aunt and uncle brought their pop-up camper. I should have taken photos of it -- they bought it and gave it an "extreme makeover" and it is FABULOUS. 

SO everyone slept pretty comfortably!

Thursday night we just goofed off with each other and waited for some of our other family members to arrive to town Friday. 

By the way, check out my cousin Ben in the background below. Prince William perhaps?! We think they look really similar. 

Friday we just had a relaxing morning and spent lots of time on noodles and floats in the water. 


That night was THE. MOST. FUN.

We call Friday night of this annual get-together "Wing Ding" because the guys have a chicken wing cook-off. This year the chefs were two of my uncles and Ian. Ian actually makes amaaaazing wings. All of the wings that night were delicious.

The most fun part of the night was that we broke out KARAOKE after supper on the screened porch and we sang our hearts out until midnight! All 16 of us adults. I have a horrible, horrible, horrible creaky off-pitch southern twang voice but I sang two Adele songs like I.was.actually.her. (the trick to karaoke is owning the heck out of the song you choose). I sang with Ian, I sang with my aunts, I sang with my sisters, I sang with my cousin Ben, it was sooooo much fun. We used a free Karaoke app on my Dad's iPad and two wireless speakers and an amp. It was wonderful. 

Saturday we took a post-breakfast boat ride (and an advil)!

And later Charlotte started her smoosh-face trick again after lunch which was SO funny. 

Shame her Great Aunts don't love that girl. ;)

After a supper that night of pulled pork, vidalia onion pie, green beans, tomato pie, we played Left Right Center and my cousin's wife Jennie showed us how to make camper pies. 

Sunday was Fathers Day. After we headed home, we grilled out hot dogs as a family and enjoyed dinner on the screened porch. 

We are already trying to figure out our next lake trip.

Lake living is good living.


  1. What a great weekend!!! Lake life is definitely the best!

  2. This looked like an absolute blast!!

  3. Looks like a fun weekend! Any chance you enlighten a New Yorker about that vidalia pie?

    1. Absolutely! I will try to do a post about it next week! It is delicious.

  4. What a great weekend! This looks like the life! I love a good family vacation!

  5. What a fabulous weekend! I love Lake weekends so much. And OMG, your cousin totally does look like Prince William!

  6. great weekend! Can you please post recipes for the onion and tomato pies?

  7. Those coasters kill me! Totally putting them in my husband's stocking this year! And karaoke is SUCH a fun idea for a get together!

  8. oh my gosh, your family is so fun!!! this trip recap just warms my heart!!

  9. Ummmmmmmmmm.....may I please join your family?!? :)

  10. Looks like an amazing thing! :)

  11. Lake life is so relaxing! It looks like y'all had a great time! I would love to know where you got your necklace! I've been looking for one with a fabric?? band like in your picture!

    1. Yes! It's from Leela and Lee. They are on Instagram - @leelaandlee

  12. I love cabin/lake life. My grandparent's have a cabin really nearby and growing up we were there on a weekly basis, especially in the summer. When the whole family is there (growing up) it was around 70 people all in the cabin or bunk house! now it's over 100 people but we all bring tents or campers. Speaking of campers, we are also remodeling an old camper, I'd love to see pictures if you have any!


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