Monday Roll Call: Social Media, Mermaid Hair, Nectar Of The Gods

Monday morning quizzies:

1 // snapchat or instastories?
2 // thoughts on this mermaid hair trend -- dyed pink, blue, mint?
3 // do you drink sweet tea?


  1. 1: snapchat, although instastories as a VERY close second

    2: love it on others, but I'm not brave enough. id go pink/purple tips though if i were a lot cooler

    3: yes but not as often as i used to when pregnant with camille!

  2. 1: instastories (but only view others)

    2: I didn't even know that was a trend 🤦🏻‍♀️

    3: nope to sweet tea (and tea in general)

  3. 1) I like both but rarely use either.
    2) Totally NOT brave enough and don't really care for it.
    3) House wine of the South? Why yes, but not too often anymore.

  4. 1) I like both but rarely use either.
    2) Totally NOT brave enough and don't really care for it.
    3) House wine of the South? Why yes, but not too often anymore.

  5. Snapchat bc I haven't figured out how to just view selected stories I'm on instagram.
    Not a trend I'd try
    I like half sweet half unsweet :)

  6. 1. Instastories all the way! Although I still check Snapchat sometimes.
    2. No on the mermaid hair. Not into colored hair.
    3. We live in and are from CA so I've never had sweet tea

  7. 1. Instastories, but only to watch.
    2. As a hairstylist I absolutely hate this trend and am ready for it to die!
    3. No to sweet tea, but I love hot tea.

  8. 1. Snapchat- only because I forget about instastories. I like the fun writing and things on instastories better.
    2. Negative to mermaid hair!!
    3. Yes, yes, yes to sweet tea. I'm trying to cut back, but I'm from Alabama where it's almost a sin not to drink it :)

  9. 1. Snapchat! Insta stories is SO SLOW.
    2. Nope
    3. I'm a bad southerner....but no. I only do hot tea with honey!

  10. Instastories, I got rid of snapchat!
    Negative on the hair. Unless it's on like, an 8 year old, and is that temp wash out stuff
    I drink sweet tea when i drink tea - but that's pretty unusual!

  11. 1. I've been liking instastories more to view, but it's easier to post on snapchat.
    2. negative, ghostrider.
    3. the perfect tea is 7/8 unsweet and 1/8 sweet:)

  12. 1. Instastories
    2. Nah on the mermaid hair
    3. I can't wait until the fall when I can get back to sweet tea (after pregnancy). I lovvvve it!

  13. 1. Instastories - I felt so old trying to figure out Snapchat that I deleted it, ha!
    2. No thanks to the mermaid hair, for me at least. :)
    3. I prefer unsweetened iced tea.

    Happy Monday!

  14. 1. Snapchat, although instastories are starting to win me over!
    2. I like the idea, but I'm with you, I'd have to be much lighter to ever pull it off and it would definitely have to be just highlights.
    3. Yes! I've had to cut back while pregnant and then breastfeeding, but I looove it.

  15. 1. Neither
    2. My little girls 6 and 9 are dying to try this out. Not for me.
    3. Love sweet tea!

  16. 1. No to either. Don't have time.
    2. Nope
    3. Yes, I love it!!!

  17. 1.) Snapchat - it is much easier to scroll through than the insta stories
    2.) Not for me
    3.) I l-o-v-e me some chick-fil-a sweet tea and buy theirs by the gallon when I go (way more often than I should!)

  18. 1. Snapchat
    2. Had to look it up on Pinterest--- I love it but could never pull it off!
    3. Every single day! (Not helping with the baby weight but it's the one thing I allow myself to indulge in) my hubby and I both hate to eat a meal without sweet tea other than breakfast

  19. 1. Instastories...although I never use it. But I don't have Snapchat!
    2. I think mermaid hair is beautiful - just not on me!
    3. I was raised on sweet tea but I haven't drank a glass in months!

  20. 1. Love both, but majority of those I follow are on one and not the other, so I keep both.
    2. Not for me
    3. Southern blood here! Sweet tea is just tea for me ;) But I can't seem to handle all the sugar as well anymore.

  21. 1. Instastories
    2. Not for me
    3. No on sweet tea. I'm a weirdo, I know!

  22. I can't get into the Snapchat trend, so Instastories it is!
    I like the mermaid hair on certain people, if it's done right.
    Yes to sweet tea, but not very often.

  23. 1. Instastories
    2. Not a fan!
    3. Almost every day

  24. 1. Instastories 2. Didn't even know this was officially a thing! 3. Sweet tea

  25. 1. InstaStories ALL DAY LONG! I'm obsessed!! And I have always hated Snapchat.
    2. No thank you to the mermaid hair.
    3. SWEET TEA ALL THE WAY! I'm from Georgia, girl, so you know that's the only way we drink our tea here!

  26. 1) Instastories--can't figure out or keep up with Snapchat!

    2) Totally not my thing but I think it can look cute on others!

    3) not really, just because it tends to be SO sweet. Will do unsweet with a splash of sweet and lots of lemon!

  27. 1. Instastories

    2. I'm a little too old for this trend... but the thought of bleaching my hair and then dying it pink sounds like it would be really damaging. Although it might be easier to hide the grays.

    3. Nope... I prefer hot teas.

  28. 1. I was totally team Snapchat for the longest time...but I had fewer and fewer people actually watching my snaps...and more and more of my friends started doing Instastories, so now I'm all about some instastories. I love that you can use pics/videos from your camera roll and it doesn't say "from camera roll" like it does on Snapchat.
    2. Ummmm no mermaid hair!
    3. I don't drink tea--sweet or unsweet! Just give me coffee (or wine) ;)

  29. 1. Snapchat for watching but I like posting to Insta better.
    2. No mermaid hair! (Insert palm to the face emoji)
    3. HUGE tea drinker! I would much rather have sweet tea with real sugar but you know...calories so I sweeten mine with sweet n low.

  30. Insta Stories!! I love that all the people I already follow are there.

    No to the mermaid hair unless you are a free spirited 21 year old with an amazing tan!

    I love sweet tea but live up in Boston so my options for good sweet tea are limited!

  31. 1. InstaStories...just makes it so much easier. (But I still love to look on Snapchat.)
    2. No mermaid hair for me. I'm not brave enough.
    3. I used to love sweet tea, but the older I get, it almost becomes TOO sweet to me. I like to do half unsweet, half sweet.

  32. 1. Instastories. Don't have snapchat.
    3. I drink sweet tea when it's mixed with lemonade :) aka Arnold Palmers

  33. 1) Instastories - reluctantly! I want to love Snapchat more but I just can't handle so many different social media accounts!
    2) I like mermaid hair on other people but I wouldn't do it!
    3) I love sweet tea but I don't drink it often!

  34. 1. I think instastories are too slow & there are just too many of them. I love that Snapchat is like a tiny piece of internet where weird things still happen... not just shopping & selling. 2. I don't know what that is & now feel old. 3. Nope, but rob drinks enough for us both.

  35. 1. Insta!
    2. HATE it.
    3. Always have hated tea! Give me all the unsweetened iced coffee, though!

  36. 1. I don't have a clue how to work snapchat. Instastories all the way! (Although I'm still trying to figure out how to do those as well.)
    2. Mermaid hair a thing?? Why do I feel super uncool now? I'd go with a mint and pink ombre...only not on me but someone who could pull it off.
    3. Are there people who don't like sweet tea!??!!

    That Inspired Chick

  37. 1. Instastories all the way!
    2. Hmm it looks cute but I've heard a few friends say it stained their sheets and or shower. It is probably the dye that was used though.
    3. Unsweetened tea is the best! :)

  38. 1. Instastories for sure!!
    2. Maybe if it was temporary and I was twenty and on spring break?
    3. Sweet tea all the way.

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. 1) I was team snapchat but I think I'm leaning towards instastories.
    2) Ehhh. No.
    3) Oh yes give me all the sweet tea. We grew up keeping a pitcher in our fridge at all times. It's my go to when drinking something other than water.

  41. 1. Instastories
    2. Not into mermaids except at Disney
    3. Sweet tea - all day every day - GRIT's nectar

  42. 1. Snapchat all the way!!!

    2. No mermaid hair colors but I love mermaid waves!!

    3.I am as southern as they come but I HATE sweet tea.. 😝 give me all the diet coke!

  43. 1. Instastories - just easier to follow because I'm already on Instagram but prefer the Snapchat filters.
    2. No mermaid colors - I'm not a fan!
    3. Not a fan of sweet tea but it's not very popular here in South Africa

  44. 1. instastories all the way
    2. No mermaid colors!
    3. I am a half sweet/unsweet girl :)

  45. 1 // snapchat
    2 // my mom just did it at the roots! her hair is all white and she now has rainbow roots and for a 60 year old who DGAF, it's amazing
    3 // only if I'm down south - sweet tea in New England is just grainy and gross

  46. 1) I was totally a snapchat lover but recently have converted to Instastories! So many more friends to browse through on there
    2) Not a trend that I will be trying!
    3) If I'm drinking something other than water, it's either coffee or a diet soft drink but I do love sweet tea! Can you be southern and not like tea?!

  47. Insta
    Only tea this Bama girl drinks is unsweetened Passionfruit tea from SB

  48. 1. Insta stories for sure!
    2. Not my thing, but I can appreciate it on others.
    3. Ice tea really isn't for me!

  49. Instastories, although I don't really watch them. Just prefer boring ole Instagram. I have a Snapchat account, but don't use it / view anything. I'm tech-boring.

    Couldn't have it - trying to get a new job! :) BUT - not sure I would if I could. I'm more of a classic kinda girl. But it is kind of fun on others.

    I prefer half and half. A lot of sweet tea is TOO sweet!

  50. 1 // snapchat or instastories?
    --- both. though I'm mainly a viewer not a poster. Snapchat still loads better. Though most of the people I follow have moved to Instastories. I'll watch either. They make me happy..
    2 // thoughts on this mermaid hair trend -- dyed pink, blue, mint?
    --- didn't even know it was a thing until the other day. I like it on other people.
    3 // do you drink sweet tea?
    --- I'm Australian, so it's not a thing here. I'd for sure try..

    Sam. xo
    Hope this comment isn't too late.

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