The Gray Door Story

Last week you may have heard me whispering in my phone on Snapchat about an awkward painting situation.

I h-a-t-e confrontation, I really do. 

The interior of our front door (and, to take a quick step back -- the entire thing used to be a reddish mahogany brown stain, the casing and the interior/exterior of the door) was supposed to be Chelsea Gray. I came downstairs to see our wonderful painter putting a coat of paint on it that was barely a shade darker than the white trim. Barely. And I KNEW what the color was supposed to look like because it's our kitchen island color! A nice medium/dark gray. 

"Oh wow! Is that the paint?" I asked David, and he said yes. I didn't want to question his work but I knew it wasn't right. "That's Chelsea Gray, right?" and he looked at the can and affirmed yes.

After he went out to his van, I snuck over to the paint can. Sure enough, CHELSEA GRAY. 

Well, folks, we figured it out, the Chelsea Gray paint dilemma. 

As soon as I showed David this paint chip that I saved from our kitchen cabinet project, he said "OH. That's Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray."

Yep. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams BOTH make a Chelsea Gray, and they are quite different. 

You may be thinking, April, why in the world didn't y'all figure this out before? Well, the day before I showed him the actual paint can from our kitchen project. It was a Sherwin-Williams can (I'd forgotten that it was a SW color-match to Benjamin Moore's Chelsea Gray). So, in a quick moment, he and I saw two things: Sherwin Williams, Chelsea Gray. We just missed that oh-so-important information on the can that said it was a color match to a Benjamin Moore color. 

Moral of the story, this is why paint is so great and why you shouldn't be scared of a painting project. Get the wrong color on the door? NO PROBLEM MAN. Just repaint it. 

We are still awaiting the final coat on the door, but doesn't it already look so much prettier and inviting?!


  1. Good to know! We had a similar painting incident and I hate confrontation too! We just had our kitchen walls painted and two bathrooms. Checked on our kitchen progress when they were about halfway through painting it and they had painted my teal bathroom wall color in my kitchen! 😳 Pretty, but not the nice neutral tan/gray it was supposed to be. Nothing a little primer and a new coat couldn't fix. Love how your door and entry look with the new colors.

  2. It turned out beautiful! I love the contrast!!

  3. OMG! Who would of thought!! Crazy.

  4. it looks great! we're going to paint our front door black soon and im so excited! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. Love the gray - and I got my lipstick today!!

  6. I'm sorry for laughing, but it's totally something I would do. Although- I will be stealing your idea of this color because next week every wall in my home will be painted a 'dove grey'. The darker grey on your door goes so well with the lighter shade of the walls.

  7. Oh wow! What a crazy thing to happen! I do love it tons though :)

  8. How crazy! I'm glad you worked it out and it looks great!

  9. Wow, what a big difference it makes! Grey is my favorite color in the home.


  10. Looks so great! Greys are SO hard though, it took me weeks to decide on a gray for our nursery!

  11. I'm confused... which one is it? Chelsea gray from BM or SW?


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