Tuesday Feels (Plus Ja-Vie Winner Announced!)

Tuuuuuuesday, and we are excited this morning because Camille is going to her first day of dance camp! The theme? Trolls! They will dance to the songs, do Trolls-related arts and crafts, and just have the time of their lives. I can't wait to hear her recap today at lunch.

Speaking of Trolls, last week I took Camille to see that movie at her first ever movie-theater experience! We went with friends for the summer movie series, where you can catch kids' flicks for A DOLLAR. Yes. If you live in the Charlotte area, click here for details. We did have to take a potty break in the middle for her, and towards the end she was either restless or just completely moved by Justin Timberlake's amazing soundtrack songs, but either way she was dancing a little bit in the aisle. I'd say our first movie theater experience was a hit! And hey, even if it's a bust and you have to leave 20 minutes in, you only spent $2 to get you and your child there. :)

Tonight we are hosting my husband's cousin as he makes his way from his military base to his home. I need to run to the grocery store in a bit and I'm looking for some great all-American dinner recommendations. He always raves about my cooking which makes me feel WONDERFUL. In the past I have made ribs for when he's been here and that was such a hit that I might do it again. The only caveat is that he and Ian both eat low-carb so no rice, potatoes, breads, etc. -- I'm planning one meat and two veggies. SUGGESTIONS ... GO!

Lastly, congrats to the winner of the Ja-Vie flats!

Know how they say "save the best for last"? picked the very LAST entrant who also happened to submit her response just one minute before the giveaway closed. Talk about nick of time! So congratulations goes to:

Navy ruffle is so cute! Size 41 

I will email you -- congrats!

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  1. crockpot roast beef is always my go to for a dude meal - Granted mine eats potatoes but you could load it up with carrots and cabbage instead ? There's some awesome Campbells or other brand of ready made mixes to just pour right in. Or BBQ pork sandwiches with coleslaw (in your case, no sandwich, just open) I think its Hughe's BBQ or something that has low carb, low sugar?

  2. Millie and I literally went to the theater 3 times and saw Trolls and have since watched it twice at home. She loves it!

  3. Maybe ribs with roasted veggies (red onion, quartered Brussels sprouts, red bell peppers on one sheet pan and throw some sweet potatoes on another sheet pan [this keeps them from getting too "soggy"]. All tossed with olive oil, salt and pepper and then roasted at 400 degrees)

  4. Do you have an instant pot? There is this fantastic IP BBQ chicken recipe you can make. It's awesome! My dad always takes my son to the $1 theater every week this summer. They haven't started going yet because of summer camps, but I know it's one of his favorite parts of summer.

  5. Late to the game but roasted brussel sprouts with sea salt and olive oil along with zucchini and squash.


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