A Darn Swell Weekend

Some days you're fishing a baby wipe out of the potty and it's only 7:32am. At least you have a pretty swell weekend to reflect back on. 

We got to the pool Friday just in time for a thunderstorm! So we didn't exactly enjoy splashing in the water, but we hung out poolside for a while as a family which was nice. After that, the girls had dinner and playtime with friends in the pool's kids club and Ian and I enjoyed a wonderful and amazingly quiet and calm (!!!) dinner together. I had the lobster roll and a glass of Kim Crawford sauvignon blanc, no complaints here!

Someone in our neighborhood was giving away these to Pottery Barn kids chairs so I snatched them up after the girls bedtime on Friday night. They were so excited to come down the next morning and see them! I need two new covers and want to have them personalized with their names, and then we are all set for family movie night or Saturday morning cartoons!

Saturday night I did something a little different and I went out with some local girls who also sell LipSense! We were gearing up for a training I attended on Sunday which had girls from all over the state and some that flew in from Oklahoma. Definitely a lot of fun and I have so enjoyed meeting some new friends. Never too old to keep making friends, right?

It was a weekend full of nice family time and also feeling proud of myself for going out of my comfort zone and making new connections. We ended the night perfectly last night, Ian grilled out some wings and we watched Dateline on the screened porch.


  1. Check out UglySofa for new slip covers! You can always embroider them once you get them :)

  2. What a great find those PBK chairs are! They are going to look so sweet once you get them all done up. Yay for you for working so hard at Lipsense and for a little date night on Friday!

  3. Definitely sounded like a great weekend! Cheers to wine, good friends and the sweet little looks on those sweet little faces in their new chairs! xo

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! I've always loved those chairs and I may get one for Vivi for Christmas!

  5. those PB chairs!!! what a snag!!! that is awesome. sounds like a perfect weekend, lady!!


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