Five On Friday: Iced Coffee, Sharing Ice Cream and Candles

It's time for another edition of Five on Friday and I do hope you'll join along!

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I've been enjoying a nice cold iced coffee in the afternoons! I just brew the coffee in our Keurig over ice, add in cream and splenda, and a few more ice cubes to finish it off.

This Toasted Coconut coffee is my current fave and it's actually Walmart brand, less than $5 a box!

Camille's photography game is improving. Only took 8 photos last night to get a clear one that didn't include her thumb or bare feet.

We just joined a country club! This is something we've been considering for a while, and Ian and I attended the orientation Wednesday night. I think it's going to be awesome for our family -- I foresee lots of great pool days and family dinners together. Plus they have a fitness facility I can start using instead of the YMCA, childcare is a dollar an hour, and everyone there is SO nice and welcoming. I'm really excited!

Yesterday Ian had a work-from-home day and my MIL was in town, so we all lunched together at Jason's Deli. This is actually a really great place to take kids. The girls ate so many healthy foods from the salad bar -- tomatoes, zucchini spears, carrot sticks, red and yellow pepper strips, hummus, hardboiled eggs, bean salad, watermelon. Plus fun things like pasta salad and mini-muffins. :) Char got to taste some of Camille's fro-yo at the end and mannnnn, HEAVEN. She kept saying "more" which sounds like "muhhhhh! muhhhhh!" every time Camille would give her a lick.

It's been a good, busy week in the lip biz for me, so I'm treating our home to some of my very favorite candles! The Voluspa candles burn slow, smell strong, and last a while. They even smell great unlit. Part of the Nordies sale now and down from $48, so I'm pouncing. You can find them HERE and the image below is clickable. 

voluspa candles


That's it for today! Hope you have a lovely weekend -- thanks for linking up with us below!


  1. I love a good iced coffee. I'm running to Walk-Mart to try the toasted coconut coffee and the price seems wonderful ! Yay for your lip biz doing so great :) I love lipsense.

  2. I'm going to have to try that toasted coconut coffee; I love Walmart Grocery Pickup and I'll have to add that to my cart next week. ;) And those candles are my FAVORITE! Congrats on doing so well!!!

  3. Have you tried making coffee ice cubes?! They are the best!

  4. Oh my God, Camille's pose with that ice cream! Watch out, momma, you got a sassy lady on your hands! :D

  5. I'll have to try that coffee. And those candles look great. I caved and got the Volcano candle from Nordstrom last year and was really disappointed in how fast it burned away. A slow burn is a must for $$$ candles. Have a great weekend!

  6. Let's here it for Camille the ice cream queen. She looks like the Statue of Liberty holding up her cone ever so sassy like. Love it!

  7. Toasted coconut coffee sounds delish!!

  8. Love.


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