Independence Day Recap

We had such a great family day yesterday!

The day started with just Charlotte and me -- Ian had taken Camille up to Boone for a very special daddy/daughter overnight getaway ... and they went to Tweetsie Railroad on Monday! They returned around lunchtime yesterday and I got to update him on the demolition progress with our master bathroom. Camille did not know WHAT to think about our crazy looking bathroom with all of its contents missing. 

After naps, the girls got in their patriotic bathing suits, and Ian filled up the baby pool and water table. Just in time for .... THUNDER. 

So we scurried inside to the screened porch and listed to some great music (Ray Charles singing "America The Beautiful" is an easy classic for the 4th) and Ian started cooking some hot dogs on the grill. 

Charlotte got a taste of Camille's cherry lolly, and this face below says it all. 

"SUCCESS," she is thinking. 

We made plates for the three guys who were here doing the bathroom work and they were SO appreciative, that was a good feeling.

Today I am hitting the gym to work off some of the hot dogs and jalapeno chips. #necessary

Hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog ... do you refrigerate your ketchup?


  1. Looks like a great 4th, we worked on my "honey do list" and repainting Millie's dressers for her bedroom. She had a blast even if this ocd freaked with the paint in her hair..... and yes, yes I refrigerate ketchup, I like it Mom doesn't though.

  2. Those outfits 😍 Adorbs. Also, jalapeño chips will forever remind me of being preggers. I craved them all the time. Ketchup goes in the fridge! 😉

  3. I absolutely refrigerate my ketchup!

  4. Are there people that don't refrigerate their ketchup????

  5. hahaha..MM Clubhouse strong!

  6. I totally refrigerate my ketchup, but it tastes better not to (I think). Your girls are looking adorable, as always! Also, yay for the bathroom reno! I can't wait to see how it turns out!

  7. I refrigerate my ketchup only b/c my husband insists that's the only way to eat it...but I personally like mine room temp.

  8. We had the same thing happen yesterday, got all the kids in the pool for about 10 minutes and clap! thunder. Such a bummer. We totally refrigerate our ketchup, I didn't know people didn't ha!

  9. That Mickey Mouse song at the end...le sigh. ;)

    Yes - we refrigerate our ketchup!

    How cool is it that your sister makes all this FAB jewelry?!? Score!

  10. Camille and Charlotte are too cute.

  11. Lol, yep, ketchup goes in the fridge!

  12. Ketchup in the fridge, yep! But honestly I like it when it's room temp, like in packets, much better than cold. Their bathing suits are SO adorable!


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