July Fourth!

Happy Fourth Of July, everyone!

We are excited about a low-key day around the house. Our bathroom renovation is going strong (I did a walk-thru last night on Instastories, @smidgeofthis, if you want to see progress and plans). Today's amazing adventure is selecting a shower faucet and valve. And yes, our guys are working on Independence Day. I tried to give them a day off but they insisted that they wanted to work.

Today I'm wearing my Laura Cox Designs necklace created in special collaboration with The Independence Fund.

We will cook out tonight as a family and maybe even light a few sparklers.

I've got half of a seedless cucumber in the fridge and it's just calling out to be made into a Cucumber Gimlet ... I blogged that recipe HERE a few years ago. Yessir! So refreshing, so unique, and I'm pretty sure it counts as a vegetable serving. ;)

Cheers to all of you as we celebrate our independence! Land of the free, home of the brave!

Blue Cape Cod House


  1. Happy Fourth.

  2. your bathroom is going to look amazing!! hope it all goes so smoothly!! happy 4th, lady!!

  3. Where did you get your white shirt? It looks so comfortable! I'm always on the hunt for a good plain white shirt!!

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