Our Bathroom Renovation: Goals and Inspiration

The ugly tile in our master bathroom was first broken July 3, so we are a few weeks in to our big renovation!

Today I am going to quickly share some of our goals and inspiration photos, as well as some progress shots! I think everyone likes to see a progress shot ... we don't all move from frog to prince in the wave of a magic wand.

So, here were my goals for the bathroom renovation:
1) STAY in budget
2) Add unique qualities ... not the bland hotel bathroom look
3) Make decisions quickly and wisely to stay on track
4) Serene, spa-like colors and materials
5) Maintain original layout of bathroom to save money

There are so many wonderful online resources for inspiration photos (Pinterest, Houzz) and actual materials. Today I am going to showcase one of these resources for materials, Maykke, because they are specialists in bathroom makeovers and their prices are super competitive.

One of the first things we chose was our tub! I wanted a beautiful tub with smooth lines, a modern-ish feel, and preferably under $1000. You can find several freestanding bathtubs on Maykke that fit that bill.

59" Dewey Freestanding Bathtub

Next up was looking at a wide selection of bathroom vanities. I wanted light gray or white, and I REALLY wanted an upper tower added for additional storage but also to bring the eye upward -- we have high ceilings in the bathroom.

We needed a pretty long one -- 90" -- so we are having one made. It has cabinets under each sink and two sets of drawers in the middle. So Ian and I will both have our own storage space, but let's be honest, some of my items will likely spill over to his side. #highmaintenancegirlprobz

Abigail Vanity Set - French Gray Finish

The "jewelry" of our reno has been fun for me and way less stressful because the fixtures and lighting aren't what are costing the big bucks! We looked at several bathroom faucets before deciding on a fairly contemporary set. We've been working with an amazing designer who has challenged me to break out of my traditional comfort zone and add in some more modern pieces to really make it look updated.

Augusta Single Hole Faucet

Today I need to do something I don't really love to do -- have a "where do we stand" conversation about our budget with our tile guy -- because I think we just need to reign everything in and make sure the overall budget is being upheld. I'm not the most confrontational person, so I'll need to break out of my comfort zone!

And finally, here's a little board I put together that shows progress of the tile, the big light fixture we've selected to hang over the tub, and the countertop that will be on top of the white cabinets. I'm in love!

Grout starts today and we chose a light platinum color. It's been so fun to see it all come together.

Thank you to Maykke for allowing me to brag on your exceptional products and show some of my favorites from your wide selection!


  1. Wow!!!!!! I LOVE that shower tile combination. Keep pushing yourself out of your design comfort zone because that's dang fabulous!

  2. It is shaping up beautifully! I can't wait to see the end result, because even the in-progress shots are gorgeous! Lovely choices. :)

  3. Love love loooooooooove that light fixture! Everything is coming together so beautifully!!!

  4. i LOVE a freestanding tub!! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. The ugly tile in our master bathroom was first broken July 3, so we are a few weeks in to our big renovation!Today I am going to quickly share ...


  6. I have been loving following along with your bathroom renovation via snapchat- the marble and tile is beautiful! I cant wait to see the finished product!

  7. Can't wait to see the finished product!!

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