Two Kitchen Thingies That Kids Love

I'm here today to share two kitchen ... thingies ... that my kids love.

I have posted a few photos of my girls enjoying their cold treats with these popsicle holders and I always get questions about them! You can find them HERE on Etsy as low as $0.95/each if you don't get them personalized! 

Recently we've been enjoying frozen yogurt pops which feels like a treat for them (we call them creamy popsicles) but is a total momming-win for me. 

Do you have one of these crinkle cutter knives?! The girls both love a banana each morning and this makes the banana slices way more fun! You can use it for so much more -- cutting carrots, apples, making your own fries ... and did you know that you can take an empty jar of pickle juice, slice up a cucumber, stick the slices right in the juice and have homemade pickles in a few days?!

This cutter is perfect for making your own pickles! Less than $6 HERE on Amazon. 

Total kitchen wins. 


  1. I bought a diy freezie pop set off amazon that came with the pop koozies- Lawter loooves them because she always whines that they're too cold for her to hold and I have to rewrap a paper towel a dozen times while she eats it! ha Not anymore!

  2. We have the same crinkle cut knife! I found mine at Marshall's when my big guy was a toddler. Great for helping them grip things like cucumbers and apples.

  3. that popsicle is so smart! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. That crinkle cut knife is so handy!! I'm sure it makes bananas so much easier to pick up!

  5. Um no I did not know that about cucumber pickles !!! I am trying this out and it just may be life changing thank you for the super tip lol !!

  6. We have a crinkle knife like that except the green part to hold onto is across the top (not sure if that makes it safer for kids). We bought that version after it was used at a kid's cooking table at our farmer's market. A cooking school for children here was having the kids use it to cut up strawberries. My son was four at the time. Another use when your daughters get older!

  7. Oh my goodness I need both of these things!!

  8. Frozen yogurt for the mommy win!!! Everything is more fun when it's cut up pretty...funny how that works. They say you eat with your eyes first and I believe it ;)

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