Who Gets Sick In Summer?

Summer sickness is the werrrrrrrst.

All I wanted to do this weekend was enjoy the outdoors with my family, feel great, go to the new pool we joined, splurge on some junk food and sauv blanc and sunshine.

- ALAS -
I have no voice, I've been coughing and sniffling and I just feel like ... yuckiness.
The girls also had to miss two birthday parties (did I mention Camille woke up Saturday with pink eye?!)

Oh, and the 5' long snake is back. Yes, I know he's harmless and yes I know black snakes are good and no we aren't going to kill him. Still don't want him hiding in my garage walls around the doorway, which is where he skittered off to.

So, off to the Minute Clinic I go as I sip my hot tea.

I'll be back here tomorrow, hopefully with an actual voice and something fun to say. :)



  1. I feel you, I'm right there with you and my throat is killing me. On the other hand, I'm sure Brian and Millie are loving it b/c I can barely talk. lol hope you feel better.

  2. I hope you feel better soon!! It is sweltering outside (even the pool water is warm) so enjoy some couch time as best you can.

  3. Feel so much better so soon! Summer sickies are the worst!

  4. I hope you and Camille feel better soon! Summer colds and pink eye are the WORST!

  5. Feel better.

  6. Eeek that snake would freak me out!!! Hope all get to feeling better!

  7. Feel better soon

    I am right there with you on the snake. And he is a BIG one too. Maybe he needs to be re-homed.....

  8. I asked myself the same question a couple of weeks ago! I ended up with the most wicked stomach bug. Ended up dehydrated and in the ER chugging IV fluids. My oldest caught it as well. Thankfully all others were spared. Hope you feel better soon! Summer is supposed to be sans sickness!

  9. oh i hope you feel better asap, lady!!! and yikes about the snake!! my husband HATES snakes, but the older lady across the street came and got him to get a chicken snake out of her house... haha. they are not the best visitors, are they!!

  10. Feel better, girl! I've been sick since L started daycare... I know our immune systems will be teflon after while, but man, it's the pits! And the best thing to help me heal? Sleep. Guess what's the one thing I have VERY little of with an almost six month old...

  11. Ugh the WORST! I hope you feel better asap!


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