Rice Krispie Goodness

I have always, alwaaaaaays loved Rice Krispie treats and only this past year did I ever start adding in extra marshmallows to the combined mixture before putting it in the pan. And that makes ALL the difference, y'all.

Here's the recipe I use:


5 Tbsp butter
8 cups mini-marshmallows, plus 2 cups
6 cups Rice Krispies

Melt butter on the stovetop over low/medium heat. Add in 8 cups marshmallows and stir constantly until combined. Add in Rice Krispies, stir to combine mixture. 

NOW THE FUN PART. Stir in those extra two cups of marshmallows. They will stay gooey and will only melt halfway. 

Spray an 8x8 glass pan with nonstick spray. I don't even press mine in, I just pour it in allowing them to stay nice and fluffy and uneven. 

And that's it!
If you want a little extra zing, top the pan of treats with a sprinkle of sea salt. YUM!

+ + +

Quick update on the Zella Live-In leggings from the Nordstrom sale ... I got mine yesterday and they are awesome! I am actually not going to use them as workout leggings -- I'll (finally) retire my Target maternity leggings and use these instead with tunics and long sweaters this fall and winter.

Zella leggings HERE
$35.90 now through Sunday
Back to $54.00 on Monday
I'm wearing the XS ... I'm 5'2"

Yep, you heard that right, I've been wearing my black maternity leggings all this time, just folding down the extra belly coverage. But they're good leggings!

Perks of these Zella leggings: 1) nice and thick, but not warm/fuzzy thick ... more of an exercise material thick. 2) maaaajor "suck-you-in" power. my fanny felt lifted and my tummy felt contained. 3) inexpensive now as part of the sale. 

Ciao, ladies!


  1. My son is 8 months. I never want to give up my target maternity leggings. I love the high waist feeling now!!!

  2. I have two pairs of the Zellas and wear them all the time in cooler weather (and basically anytime I fly!). The extra marshmallows are a MUST for rice krispy treats! ;)

  3. oh these look DElicioussss!!

  4. The Zella leggings are my absolute favorite! And I'm embarrassed to say that I'm a horrible rice krispie treat maker. I don't understand why mine never turn out right. Operator error, obviously.

    1. Sara, I am with you on RK treats. I gave up making them too. I know they are super easy but I couldn't get them just right either.

  5. Rice Krispie treats are my go-to when craving something sweet! I also add a sprinkle of pink sea salt and just a dash of good vanilla to ours and delish!

  6. Ok, so I got my Zella leggings last week and they were SOOOO tight and uncomfortable. I'm thin (5'5" and 118-ish pounds) and I got a small and I thought I was going to DIE in them because they were so tight. Haha. I just exchanged them for mediums, but that just sounds crazy because I've never worn a medium in anything!! I'm wondering if I just got a bad pair??

  7. Brown the butter to take your Rice Krispie Treats to the next level, haha!

  8. Rice Krispie treats are my very favorite!! I love adding marshmallows at the end and I'm a never smash them in the pan girl, too. I feel like this tasty recipe + your legging recommendation are a great combo. I've got to get those for Fall.

  9. Rice krispy treats are my faaaaav thing ever! Trying these soon!

  10. i want those rice krispee treats!! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  11. I always forget about rice kris pie treats but they are just a nostalgic treat for me :). They are my dad's favorite! xoxo ERIN


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