Your Ticket! Wahooooo!

Today at 8am, two of my favorite things collide:

1// Lilly Pulitzer clothes and accessories
2// Deeply discounted sale prices!

I just love the bright, colorful prints and my girls and I wear Lilly year-round. So this big sale (HERE!) that starts today at 8am is just way exciting for me.  

In the past I have scored some really great items in these sales. 

My top 3 favorites I'm on the hunt for today are:
1) Georgia May palazzo pants (I wear an XS)
2) Easy loose cotton sundresses I can top with a denim jacket for the transition to fall
3) Matching baby/kids shifts, naturally!

So, click your ticket below and grab your spot in the virtual line.
For something fun, comment below with what spot you're at in line when you sign on!


  1. Good luck.

  2. well there are like 134K people in line ahead of me lol

  3. I logged on a little after 8am on multiple browsers and the app (I'm nuts, I know) and on my Chrome browser, I'm currently waiting in the queue in place number 40,836 after nearly two hours. Hoping to score some clothes I don't need for myself and some little Lilly shifts for my girlies!

  4. You just reminded me to log in! Oops - 160k people to go ;)

  5. Was at 99K or so when I logged on just after 9... down to 52K now at 11:15! Hopefully 0 will coincide with lunch break :)

  6. Yowza, I am deeeep in line trying to score a pullover!

  7. I waited for hours lol, number 12,000 and change in line, and got two dressss and a pair of the palazzo pants! I love my basic cotton dresses from Lilly. They wash up well and last forever. Also, Lilly never goes out of style!

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