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HAPPY HAPPY First Day of Fall! The high here today in Charlotte is .... well, 87 degrees and sunny. No doubt the girls and I will be playing outside in the sun and NOT snuggled up in my plaid blanket scarf (please oh please let those still be in style this season because I love mine).

(I still wear Uggs too and don't you dare tell me they're out)

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One of my most requested blog posts is about dressing the girls. I'd say my style for them is 10% stylish and 90% practical, meaning that it's clothing that 1) is comfortable, 2) is easily washable, 3) was passed down for free to us, or 4) was purchased at a church consignment sale or resale shop.

The most compliments are on days when I dress them in MATCHING clothes! So cute. It also makes dressing them in the mornings so much easier.

Okay, so when I do purchase new clothes for them, my secret supply source for matching clothes is Zulily and SPECIFICALLY the Nanette brand. These clothes are cute and cotton-soft. Plus, with the drop-down menu for sizing, I can easily grab one in 2T and one in 4T (I like sizing up a little bit with this brand, plus there's a chance the clothes might fit again next fall).

Nanette just happens to be on sale now on Zulily and here are 4 little outfits that I picked out as my favorites!

I don't know if you saw my Snapchat yesterday with Charlotte cruising around on the Ybike, but WOW! She was so mobile (she's not walking yet so this is HUGE) and so independent and so PROUD. We gave this bike to Camille two Christmases ago, and she never really took to it, so it's been just sort of collecting dust in our garage. I decided on a whim to pull it out yesterday evening for Charrie and I had tears in my eyes because of how great it was for her! Ian was out of town but I sent him a long video and he was in shock and so, so proud!

The pediatrician said we will revisit her not walking yet at her 18 month checkup which is in about 3 weeks, so I'm really feeling a ton of pressure to do everything I can to reach this milestone before we have to seek third party therapy. 

Last Friday at the Nature Museum, I was talking to the other moms about our Aldi favorites (OMG IF THAT WASN'T THE MOST ADULTISH SENTENCE EVER). Ahem. Anyway!

We were saying that the one thing we didn't buy from Aldi was their beer because our hubbies drink the name brand stuff.

Well. Lo and behold. I was at Aldi on Monday and saw "Hop Lift" which is a not-so-subtle nod at one of Ian's favorite beers, Hop Drop & Roll. This one isn't as strong (6.2% vs 7.2%, in case you're curious), so that's good. I picked up a 4-pack for $6.99 and Ian was super impressed. He said he's been paying $12.99 for his 4-pack of Hop Drop.

Aldi IPAs for the win! This weekend we plan to do a blind taste taste and pick our favorite.

Happy Friday, you guys! I've got 2 minutes before Camille's clock turns green and I still need to jump in the shower REALLY fast and wash this charcoal mask off my face! Looking forward to a great weekend with a special birthday party to attend on Saturday and then a fun little adventure planned for Sunday with Camille!

XOXO and would love to hear from any moms with late walkers :) 


That's it for today! Hope you have a lovely weekend -- thanks for linking up with us below!


  1. I feel like I could write you a novel on the walking thing, because our sweet Knox literally *just* started doing it and he turned 16 months today. I was so terrified and kept thinking what I had done wrong and comparing myself as a parent to Walker (who was in day care full-time and walked just shy of his 1st birthday). I have no other words of encouragement except that you're a great mom and Charlotte is beautiful and perfect and she will walk when she's darn well ready. ;) It's so hard to sit and listen to people tell you what they think she (and you) should be doing. So all of that to say, you're awesome, she's awesome and she's yay for her using that cute little Ybike! :)

    1. Was just about to comment on this. Brittany and I both had late walkers! We were both stressed about it and our boys both walked on their own time. Try not to stress too much. I saw your video and she's doing awesome!!

  2. That Y Bike is so cool and I am so glad it works so well. Our last daughter was a "late walker" according to guidelines and I was so feeling that pressure too, I get it. Lifting you up with a prayer this morning for that! xoxo ERIN

  3. My youngest son hit many of his milestones late and I mean 8-10 months late so I know how you feel. He did need physical therapy not so much for walking but because he refused to walk up and down the stairs. Lifting his foot put him very off balance and he would scream like someone was hurting him. It was painful to watch and I spent many 3ams googling how I could help him walk up and down the steps. It came with time and just working on it. And if it comes down to needing some 3rd party help take it. Sometimes kids will work more for someone whose not mom. You got This!

  4. First of all, your girls are precious. Every child unique and develops in their own time - sweet Charlotte will get there too! But I'd also like to say, as a speech therapist, that if a little therapy is recommended there is no shame in that!!! Many children need a little extra help; and she may surprise you with how quickly she picks it up if given some support! Early intervention is so effective!!! No matter what, you are doing a great job!

  5. Happy Fall April.

  6. Sweet Charlotte. I'm so glad the Ybike is working for her! My youngest was a super late 24 months...but he has many other issues as well. We started physical therapy with him at 18 months and it made such a huge difference. He went from not walking at all to climbing up and down stairs by the time he was 2.5. It was amazing! Definitely look into PT if you're worried. It will help so much and she'll be walking in no time. It's amazing what those therapists can do :)

  7. Happy Fall! I am so with you on dressing my girls - the clothes hafta be cute, but more importantly comfortable. They're kids, after all. :) I'm so glad to hear the YBike has been good for sweet Charlotte! My first walked close to 15 months and my second right before she turned 1 (I was shocked) -- but my second had to go to PT for torticollis/a head tilt and I was SO worried about it but it ended up to be a wonderful thing for her. I guess my point is that, if it comes to PT, have no fear. <3 Sending you hugs and walking vibes! XO

  8. Try not to worry about her not walking. My 2nd was 16 mos old when he finally walked and I think he was just being lazy! They have an older sibling that helps them get what they want. And guess what, he's probably the most athletic kid I have! He could crawl really well too (which my oldest didn't really have a crawling stage), so I think that had to do with it real motivation! :) Hope she gets up and going soon...they are all different. xo

  9. Yes I love the Nanette brand... very affordable too!

    Justine @ Charm City Ciemny's

  10. I am a huge IPA drinker and saw that one once but got nervous to reminded me of a City Wide beer we have locally here..which is $10 that I know it's a win I'll have to snag it next week!

  11. Uggs will never go out of style in my eyes! Haha!

  12. I wouldn't stress too much about her not walking yet - my oldest daughter walking at 13 months. My youngest didn't even stand unassisted until 14, and started walking at 18. I swear it's mainly birth order - she had no need to walk!

  13. Dont be worried about third party! Depending on if she needs therapy or not, she may qualify for free services within your home! My son (who is 13m and a twin) has motor function delays in both gross and fine motor skills. We had been paying out of pocket for PT and OT at a local childrens center since he was 3 months old. We found recently that because he is 25% or more delayed in 2 areas, he qualifies for free in-home therapy through the Department of Health and Human Services. In SC, it is BabyNet in NC it looks like it is NORTH CAROLINA INFANT-TODDLER PROGRAM. If you think she may have delays, I would not hesitate to reach out to the North Carolina program. In SC, you dont have to have a referral or anything. They will do an evaluation to see if she qualifies and can give you great feedback. It has been a little overwhelming, and honestly hurts my momma heart, to have a son labeled disabled but the strides he has made with the various therapies (Currently we have OT, PT, Speech, and even an Early Interventionist (who does play therapy and reinforces what the OT, PT, and Speech folks are working with him on) in the house for 4 hours a week, have made it so so so worth it! And having it at home is SO much easier than when we had to go to the office each week. Plus, it is also very helpful that because of the federal law in place, it also does not cost us anything to get these services that will help ensure he is ready to start school years down the road. Feel free to email me ( if I can help! We have met before as I went to middle and high school with your sister (Sarah).

  14. Another late walker here :) Gabriella took her first steps the day before she turned 18 months. We did some PT and learned great tips for helping her strengthen muscles to help her walk. I swear though once she started, she was running in no time!!

  15. Just wanted to drop you a quick note.. my 16 month old little boy isn't walking yet either and it's been stressing me out since he turned one. He's made a ton of progress towards the goal in the last month or so but it's just so hard. Not a whole lot to say other than solidarity sister!!!! Praying that our sweet babies reach this goal soon! XO


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