From Internet Friends to Real-Life Friends

Justine and I "met" a few years ago -- Camille was only a few months old. We were connected by our blogs, and she first reached out to me with an email. 

Writing this blog for seven-ish years now, it's so interesting seeing how my circle of friends has been impacted by this little corner of the internet. Some of my very, very best friends now are ones that started off with an email. Soooo twenty-first century of us. 

I love Justine so much that I will even post this photo of us where I look dog-tired. We'd stayed up chatting in the den with our husbands until after midnight and I hadn't yet showered yet that morning. Woof. 

So, let's rewind a little bit. 

My family rolled into town on Saturday afternoon at lunchtime and I sort of had to remind myself that I'd never actually met her. We've emailed, texted, and chatted on the phone, but that's it. But it just felt so natural!

Our kiddos (her 5 and my 2) hit it off right away, having pizza together, playing, and getting to know each other. 

The littlest ones took an afternoon nap, and afterwards, we took the clan to the park. It was one of the greatest parks I've been to in a long time! 

The husbands were at a football game this whole time, I should add! It's so wonderful when friendships are such a natural fit between the wives AND the husbands.

Later that evening after dinner and some trampoline time, we took the children back out for Pelican's sno-balls. Look at the littlest babies in this pic! So adorable!

Camille had her first sleepover that evening in the playroom! I was shocked that she laid down and slept in her sleeping bag the entire night ... goooo Camille! The advantage of having older girls to learn from and look up to. :) 

Her face looks a little pained in this photo (haha) but she had the time of her life. 

So, as we drove away the next morning, we were already planning out the next time we will get together. Friendships like this ... they don't happen every day!


  1. That is so amazing that you were able to create such a close and lasting relationship through blogging! I just love the blogging community

    Justine @ Charm City Ciemny's

  2. I really enjoyed Justine's blog and was sad when she announced it was something she would no longer continue! Glad to see she and her family are doing well! What a fun weekend!

  3. BEST.WEEKEND.EVER!!!! Love you friend!

  4. Love this so much! The blogging community is seriously the best! xo

  5. You must have been in Greenville, I recognize that park! I love taking my son there! Glad you had fun!

  6. How nice to be able to connect in person! Looks like a wonderful time. :)

  7. This is totally awesome! It's amazing when you find a new friend and things just "click." Truly one of life's greatest gifts. :)

  8. Omg you were in my town! Wish I would have known!! My husband works with Justine's!

  9. So fun!! Blogging really does bring so many friends together! Looking forward to seeing you and sarah next time in in charlotte!!

  10. I love this. It's insane the friendships that can be formed in this crazy lil blog space. One of my best friends I met through a blog, we've only been together in-person twice but talk pretty much every day. :)


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