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Happy Friday, everyone! I know many of you (or your loved ones) are being impacted by the big storms heading our way.

I remember when Hurricane Hugo hit in 1989 ... I was 7 years old. It was a Category 4 storm and hit the South Carolina coast really hard. My parents told us at supper the next day that Charleston, SC had been destroyed by the storm, and imagine their surprise when their oldest daughter, ME, spontaneously burst out in hot tears and was crying at the dinner table! Even then I knew that Charleston is just heaven on earth and I could not stand thinking that it had withstood such harm.

I know Florida will be hit so hard and we will certainly be tracking it as its path develops. Stay safe everyone!

Last night Ian was out with some buds and I marginally survived solo bath-time -- pretty sure it ended in my drill sergeant voice. But once the girls were down I treated myself to DOOR DASH (restaurant to doorstep delivery service) and ordered some Viva Chicken which made everything all right again. If you haven't had their Peruvian corn salad (bottom left of pic below, but that's probably pretty obvious), it is soooo delicious.

I was so head-over-heels about this cold corn/tomato/edamame salad that I did some intense studying a.k.a. Google search, and found out it's called Solterito and you can find the easy recipe HERE from Pamela Salzman.

Not sure if Door Dash in your area? CLICK HERE to see, and this referral code will also earn you $7 off your order. Bam. 

I saw the cutest girl the other day wearing this tie-front top and just had to ask her about it! It's currently on big sale for just over $30 and now that I'm moving away from sleeveless tops, it's the perfect shirt to transition to cooler temps. Now I just have to decide between stripes or solid. What's your vote?

Charlotte NC is basically out of bottled water which makes me 1) proud that people are prepping for potential storm-related water issues, but 2) hopeful that they are relying on other sources as well for safe water. This weekend I'll be sanitizing one of our tubs and filling that with water. Also filling Yetis, water bottles, and that awesome mason jar water dispenser we got from our wedding registry.

I did purchase some non-perishables and hopefully we will not need to put too much of a dent in. Fingers crossed!

And if you don't already own some of these ... EVERYONE needs to have one!

I'm so excited for a little mama getaway this Saturday! I am Greensboro-bound for the day for a really fun day of training with LipSense. I will post some photos on Instastories. It may feel odd to be on a road trip with two empty car seats behind me, but I'm sort of excited about NOT listening to the Frozen soundtrack. 

Podcast recs ... and GO!

Looking forward to going and even the drive, just as long as I am with you! J&C <3


That's it for today! Hope you have a lovely weekend -- thanks for linking up with us below!


  1. Have fun on your girls trip! All these hurricanes are just crazy. We have family in TX effected and now my inlaws and grandparents homes are on the path in FL. Thankfully they are home in IA at the moment. Xoxo Erin

  2. Y'all all out of water bottles too? I'm in Florida and needless to say, water, non-perishable foods, survival equipment, and gas in practically non-existent. It's like the apocalypse. I wouldn't have thought that it would be like that in North Carolina. Praying for safety for everyone!

  3. I love the tie front top! Super cute! Stay safe when the hurricane comes through. I'm from Houston and was fortunate enough to be away during the storm and to have a home that didn't have any damage. Most of the city is just in shambles. It's so hard to see.

  4. I have the tie-front top in pink stripes. Definitely go with the striped! Viva Chicken is one of my favorite door dashes for the weeks that Corey travels. We picked up bottled water just in case but when Sandy hit our home in Hoboken we were without power for several weeks and never had a decline in the quality of water. I do think its best to be prepared just in case but I'm not sure I feel that the hysteria that is taking place at every Harris Teeter is totally warranted! Have fun at your girls' day - sounds so fun!

  5. Enjoy your little get away!! I remember filling our tubs with water when hurricane Isabel hit Richmond, VA in 2003. What a mess!! Good luck and stay safe. Hopefully you won't need the water, but better safe than sorry!!! Happy Friday!

  6. Usually I'm a stripes girl but I'm liking the solid in that top :)

    Justine @ Charm City Ciemny's

  7. Love that shirt!!! Have fun tomorrow! ;)

  8. I have been eyeing that top, too! And yep, I call it my "Scary Mommy Voice" on nights I have to do bath time alone. How on earth can two kiddos get SO MUCH WATER EVERYWHERE? It's like the Shamu Show in their bathroom every evening.

  9. Haha drill sergeant voice! I call it the "batman voice" -- only maybe it should be more like "batmom" ;-D. I vote for stripes for that shirt - super cute!

  10. I love that top, it's so cute and it's on sale!

  11. I've never heard of Door Dash before, but it sounds like a great service.

  12. I blogged about a similar shirt but yours is less expensive AND it has ruffle sleeves! :) I like the solid color over the stripes (though I ordered black gingham for mine)


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