Taking A ... Jab ... At Tae Kwon Do

My little ballerina is hanging up her tutu (for the time being) and we are trying TAE KWON DO.

I'm so excited.

Camille, as you may know, has a big personality and is no shrinking violet. Ironic since Violet was one of my top baby names for her.

She was the sweetest little ballerina, but I did want to see how she channeled her energy in a higher-energy type of class, and with a TKD studio around the corner from us, I decided to enroll her in the free trial class the other day.

The class is 3-6 year olds and only 30 minutes long. At certain parts she was really shy and didn't fully participate, but the other parents watching told me that was completely normal and that their child did the same. 

My sisters and I grew up practically living at the dance studio -- we took classical ballet more days out of the week than not. So this is a whole new ballgame to me. But I love the idea of trying it all when she's small and exposing her to all sorts of new skills and experiences.

Plus, there is a BIG emphasis in these classes on respect, listening, and following orders, so I think any parent of a toddler is like #enrollmychild

After our trial class, we've decided to move forward with regular classes. It's $90/month for once-a-week classes, so not inexpensive in the least. But Ian and I talked about it and think it will be great to try it month to month and see if it sticks!

Halfway thru the class she ripped her pink hairbow out and ran over to me and shoved it in my hand. 

So, here's to a new experience and a bad-a$$ little tae kwon do-er. Ahem, excuse my language. (Proud mama.)


  1. YES Camille! I love this April! I took TKD for several years as and have never felt so strong in my life. Girls should feel strong :) I had to stop after a wrist Injury/surgery and I miss it every day. Anyways all the parents I spoke to said how great it was for their kids’ discipline and self esteem, and that they were positively exhausted and ready for nap/bed afterwards. Keep us posted!

  2. Oh and also, there were always a lot of parent/child combo classes... If you ever want to get in there with her! I cannot tell you how much I loved it.

  3. Go Camille! I totally agree that it's important to expose her to different experiences and I'm glad she also seems open to trying it!!

  4. So precious! Walker started Taekwondo in June and he really enjoys it! We go twice a week and it has been really good for him and his strong-willed personality since it preaches discipline. We have really enjoyed it for him -- especially since he ran around the soccer field with his shirt on his head. *Eye roll.*

  5. BOOM! You go Camille!!! I can't wait for her to show us her moves when we come and visit!!!

  6. This is amazing!!! Our little one already has a major personality (shew) so we may definitely be trying this out in the future!


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