Cyber Monday LEGIT Deals

Happy Cyber Monday, guys! If you've been reading here a while, you know I love a great shopping score. I wanted to pass along some of the better offers of products I TRULY LOVE if you'd like to save some bucks, too!

Some of the links below are affiliate links. Probably no shocker to you but just wanted to point it out. Ya know, I'm saving up for a fancy frou frou Paris trip which, at this rate, will likely happen in the year 2036 (HA). I hope macarons are still "on trend" then.

Okay ... favorites!

My very favorite comfy flats that also happen to be machine-washable (just remove the insole). They come in a variety of colors and patterns and I own four different pair! I'm pretty solidly a 7.5 and I wear the 38, so size up a tad. TODAY ONLY, a huge selection of their patterns are 50% off with free shipping and free returns. I mean, this black and white houndstooth pair for $24.50?! Jump on it!

Ivory/Black Houndstooth Flats

We have the Brushed Silver color and they are such a pretty gray. Through today all sizes are $49.95 with code CYBERMONDAY and if you spend $99, they will throw in free shipping. These sheets are SO soft and truly make climbing into bed at the end of a long day a luxurious experience. 


50% off of everything andddddd FREE shipping with code CLICK. I looooove Loft and their feminine, flattering styles at normal-people pricepoints.

Today only, 20% off with code YELLOW20. I have ... gosh, WAY too many pairs of KS earrings, and lots of necklaces too, but the quality is great and they just MAKE an outfit!

I absolutely love this line. Thick, thick stretchy fabrics. Hugely comfy. Deeeeeep pockets. And it's the brainchild of a local Charlotte mama! Fist bump, Kelley! I have a short-sleeved and a 3/4 sleeved dress in my collection so far, both the Cinch style. She recently introduced size XS which is great for my 5'2" petite frame. 20% off today with code CYBERMONDAY

My blogging bud Natasha has the BEST childrens (online) boutique and customer service is her forte! She's offering 30% off today only with code CYBER at checkout!

Sugar Bit

Target's already amazing prices are an additional 15% off! I bought THESE $20 Santa jammies, I mean what an absolute steal! Now I can look cute(ish) on Christmas morning!

I have been a LipSense distributor now for just over seven months and it's been SO amazing! You all have been so wonderful with your continued support and excitement for this little side-hustle of mine. I'm running some specials today if you'd like to add to your collection (or give it a shot for the first time!). 

I would love to hear about any amazing deals you snagged!


  1. I love shopping but I love shopping a sale even more! I scored a diaper bag I've been eyeing for 60% off and free shipping!!

  2. As a teacher, I am always looking for comfortable, affordable flats. You sold me and I ended up getting some Ja-vie's! They arrived today and I really like them, but I have to ask, do you feel like they stretch out as you wear them? I feel like a size down would be too small, but don't want them slipping off my feet throughout the day...

  3. Those are the cutest pajamas! I might have to get them for myself - you can't beat the price!


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