Five On A November Friday!

It's time for another edition of Five on Friday and I do hope you'll join along!

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ALSO: Thanks so each of you who commented, texted or emailed about yesterday's post. I know we are all in this together and I appreciate that you don't always expect me to be sparkly unicorns and holiday gift guides. Everything is good good good and I'm just trying to remember that it's okay to pump the brakes from time to time, slow down, and say "no thanks" to the stressful hustle-bustle.

Okay let's talk food. Earlier this week I posted on Instastories the delicious salad we had for supper. By the way, is it odd that I say "supper"? Or old-school? Or uber-Southern?

I was around some young neighbors this past weekend and THREE of them said "Hey Miss April, why do you call it 'supper'?!?!?!" I guess I grew up knowing that some people here in the South call lunch "dinner" so therefore it was proper to call your evening meal "supper" to make the clarification. Is that so weird? Maybe it is!

Okay, so when we see salads that look like this I know we all think about Natalie from Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers, and yes, that's where the salad inspo came from. I used THIS basic recipe and tweaked it for the ingredients I had.

I was chatting with a girlfriend recently who said "Do you have a source for smocked clothes that aren't so expensive?" and I said "ohhhhhhhhh yes ma'am I do!"

The children have plenty of secondhand smocked clothes from resale sites or consignment shops, but for brand new clothing I just don't think you can find a better selection than Zulily!

These are some of the items I pulled up to show her -- they may not be available any longer. But, if you go to the website, just type in "smocked" or "Christmas smocked" or "smocked 2T" or whatever your heart desires, and you'll find plenty in the $16-20ish range!

Need an invitation to join Zulily? 

So I mentioned on Instastories yesterday that Camille is officially moving into her big girl bed tonight! That's right, she's been in a crib this whole time (praise hands) and has never been able to crawl out (a literal miracle).

I ordered everything I needed from Amazon and ended up choosing THIS $93 memory foam mattress which is suuuuper comfy! It came in a box, I dragged it up the stairs to our guest room, cut open the package and the thing sprang to life in about seven seconds. I paired it with THIS bedframe which eliminates the need for box springs, and added on an 18" bedskirt and this basic white quilt set. I figure with some fun colorful pillows and a bright blanket at the base of the bed, going all-white (bleachable!) was a way to make the look grow with her.

So, Thanksgiving is around the corner and I am officially on the hunt for some wonderful holiday jammies! I've got a pair I wear now that are so cute but they are animal print ... so bring on the plaid or buffalo check. Anyone have any great jammie recs that won't break the bank?

Main Image - PJ Salvage Print Flannel Pajamas

This weekend we will be celebrating 10 years of The Independence Fund down at The Hunter Farm in Weddington! There are still tickets available ... all you can eat BBQ, hayrides, yummy beverages, lots of family fun, AND they are presenting a track chair for ultimate mobility to a double-amputee that lives right here in our city. So amazing. CLICK HERE to purchase tickets. Kids and veterans are free! 

TGIF my friends!


That's it for today! Hope you have a lovely weekend -- thanks for linking up with us below!


  1. Target always has the best PJ's for the best price! Super comfy ones too.

  2. I say “supper,” too! And yes to Zulily smocked clothes. I also have joined (for boys) the Facebook group Snips & Snails and have gotten the cutest, gently used smocked Jon Jons, longalls and bubbles for super cheap! It’s the best!

  3. Old Navy has the cutest pajamas! And everything there is 40 percent off this weekend !

  4. I definitely thought 'supper' was a Midwest thing - haha!

  5. That salad looks SO good! Yum!

  6. OOO. Ok that mattress .... quality? I know it's for Camille but what do YOU think? Is it more firm, or soft .... ?

  7. I was scrolling through my Bloglovin' feed and definitely thought this was one of Natalie's posts before I clicked it. LOL! I'm from TN and my husband from LA, all of our family calls it supper! I think I'm the only traitor that says dinner. Blame it on my yankee dad. HAHA!

  8. I'm all over the All White train!! All white bedding for both girls (and us) plus all of our towels are white just for the bleachable purposes!!


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