Monat Hair Care: My Two Month Results!

You may have seen some mentions here and there on Facebook and blogs of Monat hair products, and -- like me -- your first thought was "how in the world do you pronounce that? Mo-nat? Monet?" 

Well, I asked my distributor friend Stacey and she told me: Mo-Nate (short for Modern Nature ... see, you'll never forget now!). 

I started using it at the beginning of October, and results have been gradual, but I think the before and after photos speak for themselves. Note: I did get my hair trimmed between these photos and had about 1.5 inches removed. 

After hearing my hair goals and my starting point hair (thinner hair but a decent amount of it -- want big, Texas-sized hair), she pointed me in the direction of the Revive shampoo and conditioner for volume. 

I use this every single time I shampoo -- I even travel with the full bottles if that says anything. 

Stacey recommended for me to put the shampoo in my hair, leave it for a minute or two, then wash it out and REPEAT. It may not lather up quite as much as a typical shampoo, but that's normal. After that, I apply the conditioner on the bottom half of my hair. 

I do really feel like this shampoo, combined with my two other favorite volumizing products (hairdryer and volumizing tonic, mentioned below) has made a really noticeable difference. I've had more questions than ever in the last month about the volume in my hair!

So, along with my Monat shampoo and conditioner, I follow this routine every single time I wash my hair, which is every day or every other day:

1) Spritz with CHI IRON GUARD for heat protection
2) Use 2-4 sprays of AVEDA VOLUMIZING TONIC directly to roots and sides of head
3) Clip up top of hair with CURLER CLIPS and dry bottom half with my REVLON VOLUMIZING DRYER, then unclip top half of hair and dry that half in sections. 

If I want to keep volume at the crown but not have it curled under too much, sometimes I will flat-iron the bottom half of my hair but not go close to the roots. That's what I did in the "after" photo above.

So, end story? I really, really do like Monat and feel it is a great value. I have plenty of shampoo and conditioner left in my bottles after two months of regular use because a little goes a long way. And I love how Stacey helped me find the right product for me and followed up to see if I had any questions. Monat for the win!

Find Stacey!
She will talk to you quickly about your HAIR GOALS
and make the appropriate Monat recommendations!

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  1. So glad you posted this! I seriously meant to comment and ask what hair products you were using recently because that is some serious volume!

  2. Does this help with post partum hair? I feel like my hair is so thin now after having baby (7 months ago)...and those dang baby hairs!!!

    1. I started using Monat about two months ago because I had such horrible postpartum hair loss and it has completely turned my hair around-no more excessive hair loss, growth like crazy, and soo shiny and healthy plus full of volume! I loved my results so much I started selling it! If you give it a chance, you will NOT be disappointed!


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